Review: The Cabin

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Tweet ReviewDespite its rather generic title ‘The Cabin’ is a rather slick looking cat-and-mouse style thriller set in the stunning backdrop of rural Scandinavia. When a young couple, already struggling with their relationship, arrive at their weekend getaway their petty quarrels become the least of their worries. Not only is the cabin an isolated and somewhat bare-bones abode, their next-door neighbour is a complete psychopath. Fresh from flaying in the opening scene, he doesn’t even try to hide his malicious intentions, making it very clear the distain he has for anyone else but himself. Still with a point to prove, […]

Review: Ugly Sweater Party

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Tweet ReviewAs far as festive slasher movies go, the seasons entries have been a bit of a mixed bag. Killer elves, Killer (Ms) Klaus and murderous family disputes have provided nothing if not an eclectic mix of Christmas carnage. That said I’m always open to more, and when invited to Aaron Mento’s ‘Ugly Sweater Party’, I packed my finest and off I went for a weekend of festive frolics at Camp ‘Mandix’. All together now, and out loud, Camp MANDIX. And that’s the tone of the movie, so if that isn’t amusing to you, probably better to disregard my scoring, […]

Review: Mrs Claus

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Tweet ReviewChristmas really isn’t a great time to be a sorority house girl. Aside from summer-time camping trips I would say, staying on campus over the holiday season has got to be one of the more perilous times of the year. Since the iconic ‘Black Christmas’ of 1974 gave all manner of stalkers and weidos and excuse to make the festive period distinctly unjolly, horror fans have enjoyed an almost annual visit from a murderous Mr Claus to their TV screens. This year, it’s the turn of Mrs Claus to deck the halls with the arterial spray of horny teens […]

Review: Elves

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Tweet ReviewContinuing the themes of festive frighteners killer Elves join the roster of Christmas killer critters, well at least possessed human versions of such. The plot of Elves follows a group of friends who end up in an odd and ill-fated game which involves the bane of children everywhere – the Naughty list. In a somewhat convoluted set of horror game rules the group must write down a confession and wait until they will get a visit from a stuffed elf with a post-it detailing a macabre naughty act they must perform. Ironically, successful completion of the task sees them […]

Review: Secret Santa

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Tweet ReviewJust like the titular game Adam Marcus’s ‘Secret Santa’ has is awkward moments, some hits, some misses, but overall remains a fun endeavour. The film opens with festive music, festive themes and a montage which sees our characters arriving at, what will be for most of them, their final destination – the Pope family house. Rich, and dysfunctional, the group arrive with their respective partners or in the case of one particularly repulsive young lady, alone. The film kicks into gear straight away with vulgarity, profanity and old unresolved family rifts all surfacing well before the bird is served, […]

Review: Conductor

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Tweet ReviewWhilst the start of Alex Noyer’s twisted short film plays out like a cringy advert for the latest piece of electronic beat-creating technology, the end makes you feel like your eyes and ears have just took a joyride through the various portals of hell; and its only 6 minutes long. Still trying to make sense of the sheer brutality I just witnessed, I will do my best to describe to you my experience although I seriously encourage you to seek out ‘Conductor’ for yourself, at festivals, and if/when it is released after its run. The film opens as a […]

Review: Call of Cthulhu (Game)

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Tweet ReviewThe latest game to be influenced by H.P. Lovecraft’s occult imaginings is a distinct step-up from other games which have dared to capture the unique psychological and horrific imagery of the rich and complex source material. ‘Call of Cthulhu’ follows the maddening tale of ‘Edward Pierce’ a private detective sent to investigate the tragic death of the Hawkins family on the remote ‘Darkwater Island’. Once there he uncovers a set of chilling truths which see the island and its inhabitants dabbling with forces well beyond both their control and perception. You play as Pierce, and through a mixture of […]

Review: Heartless

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Tweet ReviewKevin Sluder directs ‘Heartless’, a witty and gruesome short film based in concept on the Edgar Allen Poe tale ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’. As with its source material, the short deals with the concept of guilt, in this case we see undervalued corporate associate Shelby struggle her way through a presentation, her mind wracked with the guilt of her actions the night before. As she tries to maintain focus she is pressured and harassed by her chauvinistic colleagues to breaking point. Needless to say, her presentation doesn’t end in quite the way any of them expected it to. Slunder and […]

Review: Alien vs Predator Requiem

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Tweet Review“Who ever wins, we lose” boasts the tagline for Paul W. Anderson’s first film in the hotly anticipated franchise mash up, and it’s not wrong – we did lose any way you look at it. Its no surprise that when the second film came along in 2007, some 3 years after the original, people didn’t hold out much hope it could undo the whole Alien on earth fiasco it was left to follow on from, and that the little known ‘Brothers Strauss’ were unlikely to be the directing duo to redeem a franchise whose first film had single handily […]

Review: The Dark

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Tweet Review‘The Dark’, another of the years festival movies to have made an impact on both fans and press alike is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this autumn. Take note to, it was a competitive summer! The plot: Following his abduction and subsequent slaying of his captor, a blind teenager Alex finds an unlikely guardian in Mina, an undead teenager who haunts and hunts in the woods aptly nicknamed ‘The Devil’s Den’. Once they meet, they form a strong bond, instinctively protective of each other, a connection which is both catalysed and strengthened by their own abusive pasts. The story […]