INCIDENT IN A GHOSTLAND! UK Premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest this August! DVD & Blu-ray out this September!

DVD & Blu-ray out 3rd September 2018 from Arrow Video
UK Premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest this August
From the director of 2008’s horror ordeal, Martyrs, Incident in a Ghostland is a terrifying thrill ride that’s as intense as it is disturbing. Showing as part of 2018’s Arrow Video FrightFest before its UK Blu-ray and DVD debut, Pascal Laugier’s latest will have you hiding behind your hands and squirming in your seat.
From director Pascal Laugier, who in 2008 shocked audiences around the world with his gruelling genre game-changer Martyrs, comes Incident in a Ghostland – a terrifying excursion into abject horror filled with creepy antique dolls, murderous maniacs and thrilling jump scares.
The subject of a brutal home invasion along with her mother and sister several years ago, horror novelist Beth has found solace in her writing – detailing the harrowing ordeal in her latest book, “Incident in a Ghostland”. But when she receives a call from her sister Vera, apparently in a state of extreme distress, Beth is prompted to return to the isolated family home where the terrifying truth of that awful night soon begins to unravel…
Combining the intensity of Martyrs with the spine-tingling chills of his later The Tall Man, Incident in a Ghostland confirms director Pascal Laugier’s status as a fully-fledged master of horror, having scooped up numerous awards on the film festival circuit and now finding its rightful home on DVD with Arrow Video.

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