Alex Noyer’s Short Film Conductor Continues Festival Tour

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Alex Noyer’s Short Film Conductor Continues Festival Tour Ambitions of Musical Stardom End in Mayhem Conductor Will Screen at Shriekfest October 6th Film Will Then Play at Morbido Fest Later this Month   Los Angeles, CA – Alex Noyer is excited to announce his directorial debut, the short film Conductor, will screen at Shriekfest in Los Angeles this weekend before heading to Mexico for its international premiere at Morbido Fest.  The seven-minute film follows a music engineer as she mentors a young aficionado through composing a beat for a once in a lifetime competition, with devastating consequences. The 808-producer said […]

Review: Alien vs Predator Requiem

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Tweet Review“Who ever wins, we lose” boasts the tagline for Paul W. Anderson’s first film in the hotly anticipated franchise mash up, and it’s not wrong – we did lose any way you look at it. Its no surprise that when the second film came along in 2007, some 3 years after the original, people didn’t hold out much hope it could undo the whole Alien on earth fiasco it was left to follow on from, and that the little known ‘Brothers Strauss’ were unlikely to be the directing duo to redeem a franchise whose first film had single handily […]

Review: The Dark

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Tweet Review‘The Dark’, another of the years festival movies to have made an impact on both fans and press alike is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this autumn. Take note to, it was a competitive summer! The plot: Following his abduction and subsequent slaying of his captor, a blind teenager Alex finds an unlikely guardian in Mina, an undead teenager who haunts and hunts in the woods aptly nicknamed ‘The Devil’s Den’. Once they meet, they form a strong bond, instinctively protective of each other, a connection which is both catalysed and strengthened by their own abusive pasts. The story […]

Review: Toxic Schlock

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Tweet ReviewThe Troma badge stamped on the artwork of a movie’s promotion is a seal of sorts, one which stands for many things, not least of which is tenacity. The (in)famous, furiously independent label has released no less than 1000 independent films over 40-odd years; naturally the quality of films released within such an extensive back catalogue vary, but typically, one thing is for certain, you know what you are getting with a Troma release – and ultimately, sit down to view one, you get what you deserve! UK horror ‘Toxic Schlock’ is soon to be distributed by Troma and […]

UK Premiere for Indie Short Horror Film Heartless

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Inspired by The Tell-Tale Heart, Short Film Heartless from the Award-Winning Sunshine Boy Productions Screens at Mayhem Film Festival  The directorial debut from the award-winning Sunshine Boy Productions tells the tale of an overlooked executive struggling with a horrific secret                                                                        Heartless, the directorial debut short film from the award-winning production company Sunshine Boy Productions; will make its UK premiere at Mayhem Film Festival on Saturday Oct 13th, 2018 at 6:45 pm BST at Broadway Cinema on 14-18 Broad St. Nottingham, NG1 3AL, UK.  Winners of Best Screenplay-Short and Best Ensemble Cast-Short at the recent FilmQuest Film Festival, Heartless has […]


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The Complete Third Season and The Complete Series: Seasons 1-3 available on DVD & Blu-ray 22nd October 2018 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Horror icon Bruce Campbell is back for the ultimate instalment of Ash vs Evil Dead, a bloody, violent, yet fun horror comedy adventure that continues the legacy of Sam Raimi’s beloved franchise. Complete your collection with the final season! Returning to his fan favourite role decades after he last charmed us as the chiseled, chainsaw-wielding anti-hero, Bruce Campbell confidently reminds us of how he came to be the face of the celebrated franchise. No longer constrained […]


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DVD & Blu-ray out 15th October 2018 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment To celebrate the 25th anniversary of a pop culture phenomenon with all 218 episodes in one place for the very first time. Mind-bending intrigue and extraterrestrial encounters await in the ultimate collection for any THE X-FILES fan! Inspired by a growing distrust in government and a fondness for the supernatural, Chris Carter’s pilot for The X-Files first hit our screens in 1993, and a cult classic was born. Like many worldwide, we were captivated by both the evolving mythos of Mulder and Scully’s quest for the truth, as […]


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Official synopsis: A couple’s dream crumbles after they move to the country to escape the madness of modern life. Their darkest fears are realized as they are terrorized by an unknown Watcher who claims his victims on the 3rd Night 3rd Night is a horror film from Australia. Shot by up-and-coming director Adam Graveley (“Killer Experience”), the film brings two poachers to a remote home. Here, the newly married Jonathan (Robert Hartburn, Hidden Light) and Megan Reid (Jesse McGinn, Broken Contract) are terrorized in their new farmhouse. Is there any way to escape? 3rd Night also stars: Bruce Denny (Death […]

Review: A Doll Distorted

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Tweet ReviewNiall Shukla’s ‘A Doll Distorted’ has already enjoyed a spate of awards at festivals, and its acceptance at numerous others is a testament to the potential genre critics/fans are seeing in this unsettling short film. Frankly, success well deserved. The plot revolves around Jane, a middle-aged woman who suffers from a haphephobia, which, as the film’s opening screen conveniently informs us is the pathological fear of touch. Tormented by memories of her high school crush and the ensuing years alone in isolation she decides to recreate he fantasy love life with the help of a synthetic love doll she […]

Review: The LA Bondage Murders

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Tweet ReviewIn a short film whose content is as subtle as its title, the plot of the short film entitled ‘The LA Bondage Murders’ tells plight of two models lured into a photoshoot with promises of cash and production values similar to the ’50 shades’ franchise. As you might imagine, the ‘organisers’ aren’t quite as up front about their intentions as they seem to be, and the photoshoot turns bad. The story unfurls in a very linear manner, which is unusual for a short film, as typically you sit for 20 minutes or so trying to play catch-up only for […]