Review: The Cured

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Tweet Review‘The Cured’ has already been unleashed to much critical applaud in the run up to its release. Lauded for being the latest movie offer a refreshing ‘touch up’ to the shambling corpse of horrors most adored sub-genre. Like the feral hordes depicted, zombie movies in general take a bit of a beating! Fans and critics alike seem to have a real love-hate relationship with the majority of fodder released under genre label; hence, when the verdict on a newly released Zombie flick is unanimously praised for its efforts, its well worth your time to check out. The plot of […]

Review: Jurassic Games

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Tweet ReviewGo on then, I will bite. No matter what anyone says marketing and timing I feel counts for a large proportion of a films success. If like myself, you are pumped for ‘Jurassic Kingdom’ then you are probably watching absolutely anything in it with dinosaurs at the moment! Despite my wife giving this one a miss based on the trailer alone, I couldn’t leave it be. Question is ‘Jurassic Games’ the feature-saurus Rex or a big steaming pile of dino-dung? Read on… The plot follows ‘contestants’ of a futuristic game where the inmates on death-row sign up to fight […]

Review: The Lighthouse

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Tweet ReviewWell played sirs, well played indeed. Writer/director Chris Crow delivers us a slow burn piece of period-horror done right in ‘The Lighthouse’. Possibly best described as a drama with a creepy conclusion, the films minimal number of characters and differing environments, and the heavy reliance on dialogue, sees the film more akin to a recorded stage production than what you might consider a modern horror release. If you were hoping this film would have GCI ghosts popping out of the shadows of a haunted lighthouse then perhaps give this review a skip, but if the thought of a traditional […]

Review: Darkness Reigns

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Tweet ReviewThe ever-popular Casper Van Dien starts in ‘Darkness Reigns’, a slightly better than average POV horror about a demonic attack on a group of film-makers who make an ill-fated attempt to make a horror film on location of an ‘actual’ haunted hotel. The film opens as our ever vigilant POV camera team are tasked to record all the ‘behind the scenes’ footage for a pre-production horror film which the director hopes will be a hit. The aforementioned Casper Van plays himself as the productions lead ‘name’ and with him on board the film crew are all assembled for the […]


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A film crew is ravaged by a demon in the unique new horror film Darkness Reigns, premiering from Wild Eye Releasing on VOD 7/10/18.   Genre icon Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Alita: Battle Angel) plays himself in a clever spookfest from Emmy nominee Andrew P.Jones about a group of filmmakers shooting a movie in a reportedly haunted hotel that are faced with an unfathomable demonic force that possesses and attacks both the crew and the film’s star, Casper Van Dien. Will the film’s director be able to escape with the paranormal proof he has captured, or will he succumb […]

Dark Comedy from Norway “Vidar The Vampire” hits VOD on 06/12

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“Vidar The Vampire” (Original title: “VampyrVidar”) have lived a long and impressive life on the major film festivals throughout the world for the past year and now hits VOD, courtesy of Dread Central Presents in collaboration with Epic Pictures. Synopsis: Vidar Haarr is a 33 year old, sexually frustrated bachelor farmer who leads a Christian, monotonous and strenuous working life on his mother’s farmstead in the Western outskirts of Norway. In a desperate attempt to break free from routine, Vidar prays to a higher power to grant him a life without boundaries. Unfortunately, his prayers are heard and Vidar wakes […]

Acclaimed folk horror Dogged is lurking on DVD and Digital 9 July from Left Films

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Dogged is the debut feature film from director Richard Rowntree, a disturbing folk horror film which taps into our primal fear of what lurks in the woods. When ten-year-old Megan Lancaster meets a grizzly and untimely end, Sam is forced to return to the remote tidal island where he grew up to attend the funeral. A testing relationship with his disconnected parents, a reunion with his estranged girlfriend Rachel, and a cryptic message from the island’s doctor force Sam to investigate the events leading up to Megan’s tragic death. The truth is far more shocking and unbelievable than Sam wants to […]


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THE LIGHTHOUSE BAFTA-award winning supernatural thriller THE LIGHTHOUSE, starring Michael Jibson (Hunter Killer, Beauty and the Beast) and Mark Lewis Jones (Star Wars : The Last Jedi, “Game of Thrones”), hits theaters and VOD this July. “A dark and disquieting journey into the heart of madness” (Starburst), the film, inspired by a terrifying true story, tells of two men trapped in an isolated lighthouse, surrounded by the deadly Irish sea, with both their minds ultimately pushed to the limits. Directed by Chris Crow, and nominated for five BAFTA awards including Best Director and Best Actor, winning Best Visual Effects, THE […]

KERES – short film ONLINE release

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  “Keres played a couple major horror conventions in the US such as Spooky Empire and as it’s finished it’s festival run, we’d thought we’d share it online for people to “enjoy” before moving on to other projects.    We’re very proud of the short with people going on to work with Mike Leigh and the newly released ‘Ghost Stories’ not long after it was finished, so we hope our next project we’re looking to fund is another stepping stone for independent talent”   Watch Keres in full below.     KERES from Danny Naylor on Vimeo.


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DOPPELGÄNGER RELEASING ANNOUNCES NEW DISTRIBUTION RELATIONSHIP WITH BLOODY DISGUSTING, ACQUIRES BLACK METAL COMEDY “HEAVY TRIP” Chicago, IL (05/30/2018) – Doppelgänger Releasing (the genre label of arthouse distributor Music Box Films) announced today a new distribution relationship with horror genre website Bloody Disgusting. The new initiative will kick things off with the release of Finnish black metal comedy HEAVY TRIP, which had its world premiere at SXSW. Doppelgänger is planning a limited theatrical run along with a home entertainment release in late 2018, and will screen the film at the upcoming Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre in […]