Review: Assult on Precinct 13

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Tweet ReviewTo celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the release of AOP13, Second Sight films are delighted to announce a newly restored high definition version of the film from a 1080p transfer. It is presented in a stunning limited edition Blu-ray box set, packed full of brand new special features including an early John Carpenter student short, as well as the original soundtrack CD and art cards, and is set for release on 28 November 2016 – this release belongs in everyone’s ‘cult film’ collection. John Carpenter considers AOP13 to be his first ‘real’ film as it was shot within a […]

Review: The Killing of America

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Tweet ReviewThe Killing of America is a ‘shockdoc’ released in 1982 made to highlight the decline of the United States. It never really saw a release in America, I get the feeling it was shunned under the carpet like a dirty secret. It was however released in the UK on VHS and more recently a 2013 North American release. From what I could tell the footage does follow a chronological order, from the assassination of JFK to prolific killers – Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Charles Whitman, Ed Kemper to name a few.  There are also events that I have never […]

Review: The ID

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Tweet ReviewMeridith (Miranda Wyss) is the long-suffering carer of possibly the world’s most miserable and manipulative dad in the history of father-dom. Now in her 40s the only memories which Meridith cherish are those from her teenage years, where boys found her attractive, each brief liaison ending in awkward and unloving sex. Indeed, continual care of her father has rendered her all but house bound and as such the only reference for a normal life she has is from her experiences some 20 years ago. Sadly, time has eroded not only her father’s ill health, but her sanity also. All […]

Review: Onus

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Tweet ReviewThose familiar with Director George Clarke’s other works, in particular the more recent ‘Blood Harvest’ will know that he likes to cross genre. Whilst I wouldn’t say his works are particularly avant-garde or original, he does seem to be able to by-pass the typical slow pace trudge of your average no-budget movie by simply throwing content at you to break up the pace. The same is true of the latest release of his ‘Onus’ (although I believe this release is actually out of chronological order from when they were shot), take one part SAW one part Coronation Street (a […]

Review: Bite

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Tweet ReviewAnyone here thinking this title has anything to do with hormonally charged teenage vampires is in for the shock of a life time. Imagine ‘The Fly’ in all its gruesome glory, and replace Jeff Goldblum with a partying twenty-something young lady and you are in the ball park. Admittedly Bite’s tagline, ‘everything can change with a single bite’ sounds more like the campaign for anti-malarial tablets than a horror film; although, in irony, this movie would prove as a useful deterrent against people embarking into territories with exotic bugs! Yes, as you might have expected by my reference to […]

Review: Worm

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Tweet ReviewSet in an alternative near future the film opens explaining that the human race has stopped dreaming. If I followed the faux news snippets correctly, I understand that human’s voluntarily did this to stem the egotistic, creative and ultimately violent ideas put into their heads from their own thoughts and dreams. Without dreams no wars occur and violence has all but been irradiated from society. It is then, with some relief that a new fad ‘drug’ called Fanticites – a worm whose excretions have a psychotropic effect on the brain – enable humans to experience and live out these […]

Review: The Burning

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Tweet ReviewSet for release in an outstanding looking steel book, Arrow remaster yet another 80s must-see classic slasher movies onto Blu-ray. If there was ever evidence needed as to the slasher formula being recycled from film to film throughout the 80s, ‘The Burning’ would be exhibit A. If someone had named this Friday the 13th Pt (insert number here) no one would have questioned. Released one year after the infamous Camp slasher ‘The Burning’ stood against a myriad of similar titles. Still, no hockey masks in sight, here our villain (as equally wronged as young Jason I might add), caretaker […]

Review: Train to Busan

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Tweet ReviewIt would appear that Train to Busan is generating a huge amount of momentum on the horror scene at the minute. It’s a breath of fresh air in all honesty as most of the coverage goes to big western releases, so to see both this and ‘The Wailing’ coming out of South Korea and causing a storm is great. Train to Busan follows ‘Seok-Woo’ a divorced fund manager and failed father, who plans on taking his daughter ‘Su’an’ to her mother for her birthday. A theme that runs throughout the film is how out of touch at being a […]

Review: The Fiance

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Tweet ReviewPossibly one of the best big foot movies I’ve seen recently with the least bigfoot scenes in it! Regardless it’s a beast of a creature movie none the less. Indeed, the titular ‘Fiancé’ takes over from the large footed fury one as ‘lead creature’ about a third of the way in and delivers tenacity and brutality in equal measure.   The plot follows a proposal weekend from hell. When a wealthy business man and his girlfriend retreat for a romantic getaway at his mountain condo things don’t quite go as planned. There is an escaped ‘Bigfoot’ milling about. Now […]

Safe Cracker Films Christmas Deal and DVD Give-away

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Thanks to @SafecrackerP, BTG have one copy of ‘God of Vampires’ and ‘Wolf Town’ on DVD to giveaway to one lucky winner. Safecracker also have a Christmas offer currently running where for a limited time you can purchase 7 Horror DVD’s for £7!! God of Vampires Professional Killer, Frank Ng, is contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. But the routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually an horrific Chinese vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The professional killer the hunter has become the hunted. This is no ordinary vampire of myths and legends, however. […]