Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane


Following on from the handy cam monster flick from 2008, ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ takes a different take on the ‘in your face’ action from its predecessor and goes down a thriller route which keeps the pace low but the intrigue at full.

Starring John (Roseanne) Goodman and Mary Elizabeth (Scot Pilgrim Vs The World) Winstead prepare for a slowly developing plot at takes a long time to develop. After walking out on her husband ‘Michelle’ played by Winstead is driven off the road in a car accident, when she awakes dazed and confused she is chained to the wall, ‘Saw’ style! She’s been patched up but is being kept prisoner in a small concrete dungeon by Howard.

Howard ‘Goodman’ has built himself a doomsday shelter, he’s clearly come prepared, with enough food for years, a kitchen, bathroom and entertainment to boot Howard is your typical doomsday theorist, once in the army and fully regimented. Michelle’s first reaction is doubt, could the world really be over? Could you really take someone’s word for it......she plots to escape and see for herself. Through the entrance to the shelter, sunlight beaming in Michelle is on the cusp of escape, just one door separates her and the outside world. A woman desperate to get in is at the door, face decaying and covered in sores, immediately Michelle is stunned. Something isn’t right and now she’s seen it for herself.

There is another survivor ‘Emmett’ and over time even with Howard’s odd mannerisms the trio slowly start to adjust to the situation, playing games and gelling as an oddball family. Howard likes routine and keeps a tight ship and after hearing strange noises coming from outside the shelter the two almost see Howard as a protective figure. It’s not long before everything changes...

Obviously Howard isn’t as straight talking as he seems and with constant references to his lost daughter it becomes evident that although Howard has saved their lives, their also in danger in the prison-like bunker.

Naturally the film leads towards its finale in mysterious fashion, is life as we know it over? Were the actions of Howard simply one of a deranged kidnapper?

I can see where the frustration of the film may creep in as this is clearly a platform for a sequel, which isn’t a bad thing as personally I am a fan of both the original and this year’s entry. They are however completely polar opposite. If you not a fan of dialogue driven, single location films then you will not get on with this (admittedly usually I’m one of those people) but the thought of seeing the outside world kept me going, I was dying to see what has happened. Without ruining the plot it’s hard to say much more about 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Overall 10 Cloverfield Lane hits all the notes of a great thriller, action sequences are fairly redundant bar in the last 15 minutes however stellar performances from the two experienced cast members make for a fantastic film and it’s generating some well deserved praise.

All in all, I’m looking forward to the sequel! Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 8 years to find out what’s in store!! 10 Cloverfield Lane is a must watch, its early doors but this is the film of 2016 so far!

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