Review: 100 Tears


You would be hard pressed to pick up a copy of this movie today, but back in 2007, the initial year of release this uber-gory slasher generated quite a storm in the indie-cinema world.

‘100 Tears’ is a killer clown feature which, against all odds and complete lack of budget, could be the answer your looking for if recent movies like ‘Hatchet’ seemed  to trade its own identity for a tad too much hero worship for your liking. This movie is everything underground cinema needs to be, and with a body count of well over 35 it delivers exactly what most of us want to see!

The plot sees two struggling journalists desperately trying to make some mileage out of an unsolved serial killer case; a seemingly unprovoked murder spree committed by an offender known only as the ‘Tear-drop Killer’. As they track the story, we see the murders committed, until rather predictably the reporters and their ticket to stardom come face to face.

Naturally this is a slasher movie, so plot isn’t all that much of a focus. It simply needs to be a reasonably decent backdrop for an unnecessary amount of violence which ‘100 Tears’ literally delivers by the bucket load.  Seriously! This slasher movie goes gushing off the top of the chart. With murders ranging from spatter happy to brutal, from malicious to comedic, there is something for everyone so to speak. The effects, handled for the most part by director Marcus Koch are not exactly Savini standard, but what is lost in quality is easily made up for in quantity. As I said this movie has a ridiculous body count with only a couple of dud ones in there. Naturally the camera doesn’t have any reason to be shy (I think commercial success was out the window with the first 10+ victim spree in the first quarter hour!) and so uncut this movie is every bit as gory and gruesome as you could dream of.

Taking a step away from the gore a moment, this movie also delivers some nice extra touches. First off the acting is actually pretty decent. The two lead characters, who deliver a range of dialogue, have definite chemistry – yes that’s right, an indie slasher where the acting wasn’t just bearable but actually commendable. The script is tight, with some really genuine comedic aspects. The characters are diverse enough, and kudos for the clown killer who says nothing but gives an onscreen presence I’ve not seen from a slasher star in ages. As a result of these features this is one 90 minute slasher where those brief periods in between the mayhem aren’t a slog to sit through! Oh and the midget running, who’d have thought that it would be so funny!

The only criticism I have for the movie are ones which could be potentially rectified for a future more substantial release; the sound mix, which at times is a little obvious in its fade ins and outs and the editing. At times there are some scenes of murder victims who have no introduction and don’t seem linked to the story. It’s almost like some scenes were cut to the chase, literally, in order to protect the pace at the expense of explanation of their relevance. At times the simple plot did get a little hard to follow as a result of this.

Overall though, ‘100 Tears’ simply delivers what it promised to. It’s excessively violent, funny, and whilst you might offend some you could easily make this a party movie. If you could actually get hold of it UNCUT without re-mortgaging your house it is a definite purchase. Be wary of a heavily cut German release, and here’s hoping for an unrated US disc! 

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