Review: A Sound of Thunder


Hmm a tough call this one. A Sound of Thunder received quiet release which snuck out a few months back now. A mixture of action and sci-fi the film is set in the future and centres around an accident caused by corporate negligence (hmm original) which leads to the changing of the past; this owing to an accident whilst on a time travelling ‘hunting’ trip. A plot which, when broken down, is relatively simple however attempts to make things seem things a little more sophisticated just accumulates a list of continuities which by the time the credits roll make the film a little hard to take seriously.

Now the reason why I said tough call is because the major short coming of the film is that the CGI looks like it was taken from PS2 FMV and is nothing short of appalling. Ordinarily the review would stop here, however lenience must be given as I understand that the studio pulled the budget, and the film was forced to be released with the mock up effects in place.

Despite this, A Sound of Thunder did manage to hold my attention until the end of the film and the imaginative changes made to our world by the time alteration combined with some good action sequences keep the pace of the film and distract the viewer from the clichéd dialog and pretty pants character explanations which occur every now and then just to make sure we are keeping up!

Overall I would say that if you are a fan of adventure type films and have an affinity for dinosaurs and such like, but aren’t put off by poor effects then give A Sound of Thunder a watch if you have an evening spare but Jurassic Park this is not!.

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