Review: Abominable


No guessing what this film is about, yes a yeti/ bigfoot/ sasquach Before anybody corrects me I know that it’s the location in which they are seen which denotes the name, but if you saw the creature which is in this film you wouldn’t know what it was either!

It amazes me to be honest that some one hasn’t come up with a better story involving the ‘Beast’, but no, as with every other horror involving such a creature the plot of abominable is just the same. People camp/live near the woods, monster eats most of them the survivors kill it. The biggest problem with abominable is that not only is the plot so similar to everything you’ve seen before it insists on taking you through the motions for the full 90 minutes of its length.

Its not all bad though the dialog is ok, the characters are quirky and the ‘party girls’ are pretty hot, but within the first 15 minutes you know exactly what is about to happen for the rest of the characters limited life, they just don’t know it yet.

Probably the biggest problem with this film is the creature costume. It’s really really crap. Of course it’s a man in a suit but to be honest it looks really stupid and obvious. At one point when the creature roars you can actually see the man peering between its rubbery teeth.

The film does have some redeeming features. The creatures roar is a pretty good effect. At one point one of the characters calls the beast a "shit monkey" and then gets his face chewed off, which indecently is probably the goriest death in the film and you get to see a girl taking a shower.

Overall it’s what you would expect out of such a film; so much so that there’s not really any point in watching it unless you really enjoy being proved right. Oh the ending so silly it’s not worth describing.


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