Review: All Hell Breaks Loose


Looks like someone’s been watching Astron-6! (…and a bucket load of classic exploitation). They say emulation is the highest form of flattery. Thankfully for us, now there are two sources of throwback exploitation with Jeremy Garner unleashing hell in the form of the Satan’s Sinners biker gang in the splatterific ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’.

The plot features the aforementioned biker gang, who, after a deal of raping and pillaging manage to track down a newlywed virgin. The gang’s moniker is more literal than one might expect, and they require a ‘pure’ sacrifice for the devil in order to complete their hellish mission. However, that’s not going to be as easy as they think; heaven’s got a hitman, and his name is Nick. When the gang snatched his girl, Nick quickly became, well dead Nick, but not for long. God works in mysterious ways, although in this movie nothing is all that mysterious, and, in the guise as a cowboy, he grants Nick limited resurrection in order to take his revenge and get back the girl!

What ensues is carnage in all the best ways possible.

If you have ever watched any original grindhouse you know all the tropes which are needed for such a film to score in the niche genre. ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ his all the markers. Faux grindhouse effects embedded within the picture (ala Planet Terror), check, over the top splatter effects, check, out of place overdubbed voices, check, a plot that makes no feasible sense (but ultimately remains cohesive within its own world), check, non-violent set-pieces which reflect all the political correctness of a drunk Donald Trump, check. Oh yeah… this film is literal homage to the great flicks in the past, and you know what else, it stands up well on its own. Providing you know what you are letting yourself into you are going to have a blast with this film. It is a comedy that pretty much uses the loose boundaries of the genre to keep it feeling fresh throughout.

The vile Satan’s Slaves, overacted to the hilt by a group of authentic looking cast are every bit as fiendish as their acronym would suggest, each scene they dominate is filled with bad language, sleaze and some rather bizarre personas. The gang are gratuitously violent, with numerous scenes of gore which are primed to offend. A good mixture of practical effects and effective CGI – did I say that out loud? – ensure anyone who picks this title up in ignorance will be writing to their congressman before the credits role. Fingers sliced off, gory gunshots, heads popping – and stumps subsequently pissed on, the list goes on and on. In fact the only thing that comes close to competing is the nudity which is as unnecessary as one might expect, nothing is sacred, literally, hell even God gets involved with the sleaze promising a pervert priest 30 big-titted housewives in return for just one prayer. Incidentally the poor man of God doesn’t survive long enough to cash in on the favour.

Overall, it has been a while since I watched an exploitation movie that delivered 100% on its promise. Generally speaking there are always compromises with such film, namely pace and dragged out runtime. Not with this. ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ is all killer no filler. I loved it, and you will too, if you’ve got the stomach.  
Get it here on amazon, or on VOD from March 22nd.

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