After the first half an hour of ‘All Through The House’ it’s clear to see what it set off to achieve, an 80’s style slasher with plenty of nudity, a high body count and some seriously gory scenes…… god was is great!

Were in Napa, California, it’s the most wonderful time of the year….Christmas.  15 years ago Jamie Garrett was taken from her bedroom and has been missing ever since.

We get an insight into the horniest neighbourhood in the world where everyone is ‘frisky’, which of course leads to a copious amount of scantily clad women and scenes of nudity. If slashers aren’t your thing I would probably look away now, this stays true to the sub genre.

The first scene of gore is fairly dramatic. Let me paint the picture, scream queen Jessica Cameron (Sheila) is in the shower when her boyfriend walks in, she prompts him to go and get ‘warmed’ up in the bedroom where she will join him. Queue the first hilarious scene “I’m gonna moon walk on that pussay” he says whilst furiously masturbating…….this is the first of a handful of laugh out loud moments. Followed by his manhood being garden sheared off…..I promise I’m not making this up!

Rachel Kimmel ‘Ashley Mary Nunes’ (SYFY’S Robot Combat League), has come home to stay with her Grandma. Jamie’s bereaved mother has now become a slight oddity of the street, who has her qwerky ways but is seemingly harmless. She embraces Christmas like it’s going to be the last one…..and has a number of creepy mannequins all dressed up as Santa….unsettling!  

As the night really starts to turn in the killings increase, multiple wangs are severed and the women tend to meet some form of garden shear fate. Poor Grandma suffers one of the funniest deaths in the film and whilst her potty mouth is in full swing she is tied to her wheelchair with Christmas lights and punted off a mountain while still attached, epic!

Usually I would delve a little deeper into the plot but without giving away too much its fairly hard to do so, the story itself is quite linear, although I don’t see that as a bad thing in this given case. I didn’t feel the film had to have an elaborate plot and in fact would have been detrimental to the cause, this is slasher territory after all.

The mask of the killer is actually quite sinister, it takes the perfectly trustworthy character of Santa himself but turns it into something dark and evil, perfect for all the grisly deaths.

The gore scenes are reminiscent of old 80’s slashers where the death toll is high and there are buckets of blood, some of the deaths are straight savage and well up there on the gore scale. There are lots of standout moments, I felt particular discomfort when one of the victims fingers where sheared straight off…… my Achilles heel is fingers/toes so this was a grim moment. A film that utilises practical effects in this way far exceeds those which are CGI heavy.

Where the film does lose a few marks is around some of the pacing towards the middle, a bit of a prolonged finale and at times the dialogue can feel a little stiff. Overall these are minor distractions from what ultimately is a great film.

I don’t say this often but I am really looking forward to see what director ‘Todd Nunes’ has to offer in the future, this film is a perfect example of knowing your target market and then delivering for it.

‘All Through The House’ is seriously brutal, a true Christmas horror story.

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