Review: American Mary


Having seen American Mary surface on various platforms, it was nice to find the time to sit down and enjoy what is ultimately a brilliant gore film.

American Mary written and directed by the 'Soska' twins, tells the story of a medical student Mary Mason, struggling to pay her student fees. Mary, looking for another job stumbles across a very dark and grim underworld where her surgery skills play a disturbing role. As she delves deeper in to the world of body modification she soon realises her student fees are no longer an issue and she can make a sweet packet by doing the jobs that would make many sick!

The gore and effects have a severe brutality to them, some scenes are truly disgusting. As the freakish characters come through the doors of Mary's very own 'body shop' the requests become more disturbing as time goes on, to a degree where piercings are classed as child's play.  

The other characters that  Mary meets along the way are unique to say the least, we all know there's the weird and wonderful out there but does this kind of stuff actually exist? Personally I think there is some realism in the characters portrayed, and I'm sure in some dark corner of the internet this level of body modding is very real. It's also interesting to see the Soska sisters acting in the film as the vampire like twins, very fitting!

American Mary oozes sex appeal, 'Katharine Isabelle' as the lead role, ramps the sexiness through the roof and you can't help but love her screen presence. She is just as dark as the horrible surgeries she carries out on her friends and foes.

Overall American Mary is dark, bloody and definitely interesting enough to be called a solid entry in the gore genre. For me this is an addition to the collection, a rarity it would seem these days!!

In short American Mary is a sexy, bloody gore film and its great!

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