Review: Another Heaven


'Another Heaven' is a cop thriller whose investigations take two unfortunate Tokyo cops well out of their depth as the deal with a mysterious perpetrator whose survival instincts are reminiscent of Carpenters 'The Thing'.

To begin with you might feel confused at the direction that this movie is going to take. We are taken to a grisly crime scene where the unfortunate victims are found with their brains removed and left to stew in the kitchen. The scene we are shown is pretty gory, and there is some nice touches, like a greedy cop who tastes the broth without realising what it is, which adds some nice comedy to the introduction to the main characters. At this point I thought it was just going to be a gory thriller, but then another murder occurs and we see the beginnings of something a little more surreal, a water like substance moving from the deceased into a new host. From this point the plot becomes a lot more serious and the drama intensifies.

The plot is OK, but to be honest it becomes a little repetitive. The constant swapping of hosts constitutes to the 2 hour + run time which quite frankly makes the movie feel really padded out. The pace is intermittent, so much so that by the end I wasn't all together convinced I really cared what happened to any of the characters in the movie, non of which were particularly likeable anyhow. The script is passable but there are some proper cheesy moments which become a little infuriating by the end.

In terms of violence, well aside from the odd bit of blood here and there, as well as the brain boiling aftermath of the opening scene, there is not a great deal, however, I don't feel the movie can really be too harshly criticised for this as it didn't seem to suffer without it and I think it would have killed the more dramatic atmosphere which was intended.

As you can tell by the uncharacteristic sensible nature of my review I don't really feel that inspired when writing this review, and I guess, this pretty much sums up the movie. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with the movie, the plot is consistent and the acting and effects aren't bad, but to be honest it doesn't really sit very well in any particular niche and therefore is difficult to recommend.

Overall, don't be put off if the synopsis grabs you, it isn't a poorly made movie, also, if you have more of a tolerance to drawn out 'dramatic' scenes then you might have a more positive opinion of the movie. Personally, once was enough, and I would be fucked if I am sitting through all that again, especially as the ending is pretty foreseeable from about the hour mark!

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