Review: Apartment 143


Some say I won’t learn, but in my defence I didn’t realise ‘Apartment 143’ was yet another ‘found-footage’ movie. Sadly it was, and once again I sat through another 80 minutes of vomit inducing shaky cam, doors slamming and chairs moving at an otherworldly loud volume and some rather contrived back stories of some of America’s most boring ‘family’ stereotypes.

In ‘Apartment 143’ a group of paranormal investigators are called in to document the haunting of a family’s apartment.Naturally they set up the standard kit, EMF detectors, temperature sensors, handheld IR cameras and of course a load of fixed cameras in key locations. The movie begins as they all do, but to its credit the ‘scares’ come quite early on. Well I say scares; I mean prolonged camera pauses followed by a loud noise.

There are a lot of fans of the ‘found footage’ subgenre, myself included to an extent, and it’s no real surprise that this movie was met with rather poor critical reception. Why can’t film makers deliver more thoughtful examples? There are some real genre leaders through which to draw inspiration from (Paranormal Activity, REC to name the best), so why do we keep getting the same recycled shit?

Sadly we do, and ‘Apartment 143’ is yet another prime example, so much so I find it difficult to review this movie because truly it has no individual merits. It’s scary for say 10 minutes of its total running time with an ending which will only appeal to those too young to remember the show stopping moments of ‘Ju-On’. Its story is contrived, and actually contradicts itself quite astonishingly several times, so much so the only element of the movie which might have been of interest is completely ruined before it could be developed.

Overall there is no reason to watch ‘Apartment 143’ unless you are a serious addict to the subgenre.

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