Review: Arcade


There's a serious glitch in the mainframe and Arcade is one game you don't want to mess with!

Arcade is a major blast from the past, brought out when video games were in their primitive form and if like me your an 80's kid will definitely bring back some memories!

Although not really a horror film Arcade can certainly sit on the cult shelf, it stars a handful of budding young actors, who went on to have very successful careers (Seth Green, A.J. Langer and John DeLancie) and is interesting enough for any sci-fi fan that wants an easy watch.

Alex is a troubled teenager, her mother committed suicide and her father is hardly the model figure. Her friends/boyfriend are all she has. The group decides to kill some time in the local arcade called "Dante's Inferno", here a new virtual reality machine is on display...showing off some new technology. "Arcade" is the latest in gaming technology, you are the game, taking part in all of the challenges before you have to face off against the end boss (Arcade), the game is being tested out and all of the gang are given a home console to go home and get their teeth into.

It turns out Arcade is more powerful than they think and can have the power to pull them into the gaming world to take on the machine's challenges. Alex's boyfriend is taken into the game and it's up to her to face the Arcade!
Arcade itself is actually pretty sinister, in short, if my console started whispering to me in the middle of the night 'come play a little game' I would literally drop a bollock. When something has the power to take you to the other world and refuses to be turned off you know it's time to give up gaming.

Kids today watching this will probably laugh and dismiss it instantly, if it's not COD or FIFA then it's just not good enough, well this is what we had! Given its time Arcade's CGI/gaming segments are actually all pretty cool, I couldn't help but laugh when one of the guys had half of his ass bit off by the Arcade though! HA!
Arcade shares elements of so many films of the same ilk/genre, the list is hefty (Tron, Lawnmower Man, The Dungeonmaster) and that's not including game shows (Knightmare, Gamesmaster) they all bring back great childhood memories. These films and programs were more than just a nod to gaming they were a great gift of imagination, we all thought that this was the future!

Overall Arcade is a trip down memory lane, if you're from the late 90's/early 00's I doubt you will find much to entertain you here...unless of course cult cinema is right up your street, in which case this will probably be like gold to you!


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