Review: Babysitter Wanted


Babysitter Wanted is something of a mishmash of a movie, combining a refreshing modern script with what is essentially a 1980s teen concept. I viewed the movie without any preconceptions as the synopsis available simply said something along the lines of ‘she wanted a babysitting job and ended up fighting for her life’. Well, its hardly descriptive is it? So I assumed the usual stalk slash scenario. For the first half of the movie I was pretty much right, but just before you could say Halloween clone, the movie took a twist; for better or worse I can’t really decide.

The plot is pretty much as I have stated. A young, church going girl ends up attending collage far away from home. Short of cash, she seeks babysitting work to keep her afloat. After responding to an advert posted on the collage notice board she agrees to sit a child whose parents live out in the isolated countryside. After several strange occurrences she cannot help but feel uneasy, convinced she is being stalked. On the night of her job her fears become justified as someone begins to harass the house, uncovering a further menace which she didn’t suspect. Nor me for that matter!

As I have said there is a twist and in the interest of spoilers I will not reveal it, but rest assured it’s a little bizarre I’ve got to say, and definitely broke the trend of the cliché stalk and slash route I was convinced the movie was taking. On this point I would like to say, that with such a well tested plot the makers did manage to keep the movie interesting. Careful use of lighting, shadows and a particularly convincing ‘on edge’ lead roll keeps the viewer on their toes. Of course the use of sound and the usual ‘jumpy’ false alarms help to keep the atmosphere, but I was particularly impressed with the acting in the movie which really made the whole situation seem quite convincing.

In recent years the age restriction on movies has become a little lax. I have seen some quite hardcore gore in 15 ratings, and with ‘Babysitter Wanted’ being issued an 18 certificate I was fairly optimistic. Sadly the movie isn’t particularly gory at all, I can only imagine the subject matter, and I suppose the close to reality scenario, was considered to be bad enough. That said, there is a little amount of blood and the such like, including one scene where there is a dismemberment of a coed; sadly not a huge amount shown on screen but the blood and meat effects are pretty good. The rest of the movie is pretty creepy and I think they went for the more tension side of things rather than gore anyhow so I didn’t feel the lack of it detracted that much from my enjoyment of the movie.

Overall then, whilst it doesn’t break any new ground ‘Babysitter Wanted’ is a pretty strong entry into the genre. It’s nothing I would really go out of my way to watch, but as there have been few like it released recently it will do the job for those of you yearning for more babysitter action. The twist too, which I haven’t really made my mind up about makes it a little more memorable than most.

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