Review: Bane


A movie which appears to have fans divided is a good example of how a micro-budget can go a long way with enoughdedication; sadly it’s also a cautionary tale of how a good thing can perhaps be taken too far!

The plot of Bane is without a doubt the movies deal breaker as it begins strong but deteriorates rather spectacularly in the last 40 minutes of its overly long 2 hour run time. The plot begins in a research facility where a group of women wake up disorientated and scared.It’s not long before they are removed one by one and questioned by a rather eccentric scientist. Here the mystery begins to form quite nicely, and despite several shockingly bad performances, the movie does indeed grab your interest quite successfully. In return for their compliance the women are able to ask one question in return, again another good device through which to deliver snippets of further information as to whom the women are and why they are there. Its good stuff actually, and by the time ‘the butcher’ shows up and begins to slice and dice I was all for giving the movie a fairly respectable score.

Sadly the more the movie gives, the more it takes away from your enjoyment. Up to hour 1 it’s still just about hanging in there, sadly however hour 2 is a complete disaster.

By the time you’ve stopped giving a shit, shit is all it’s giving you! - Massive amounts and in full detail. The last half an hour of this movie is like the start of a new, really crap one! It’s like someone listened to director/writer James Eaves’ idea but just didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a load of bollocks hoping he might come to the conclusion himself.

He didn’t.

Plot aside, ‘Bane’initally delivers some great moments of gore and limited tension, and fans who can stomach such low budget effects will no doubt appreciate the bold and deliberate back to basic approach of the movies more violent moments which are shown in all their glory. The butcher character looks genuinely mental and the 360O set design means cameras can really emphasise the claustrophobic nature of the prison room and corridors. The acting is pretty crap, but initially the plot is quite fast moving and the script is passible.

Overall however I challenge anyone to convince me that the plot ‘twist’ was in anyway necessary and the bloated 120minute run time was at least 40 minutes more than was necessary. Eaves was involved in both ‘Bordello death tales’ and ‘Nazi Zombies’ anthologies and I think it’s fair to say his strengths lie when time restricted!

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