Review: Basket Case 3


As much as it pained me, and no doubt to the disgust of many die hard Henenlotter fans, I didn’t really think much to Basket Case 2, which, despite an abundance of imagination and a clearly inflated budget lacked both the intrigue or the brutality of the first movie.

Let it be said it was with little enthusiasm that I sat down to watch the final chapter in the Duane vs. Belial show. To say I was impressed would be pushing it a little, but all said and done Basket Case 3 was a welcome watch, and certainly an improvement over the second.

As with the second movie, the plot continues the story exactly where the last left us, in this case with Duane in the dog house after killing the only ‘normal’ person (admittedly she had the weird alien thing in her) in Granny Ruth’s freak-house and Belial getting ready for the responsibility of fatherhood. Yes, against all odds, and who would have thought it, Eve fell pregnant after just the one night of grinding with Belial. Granny Ruth and the others at the house all want the best for her (naturally) and so a road trip is in order to see the only doctor who can birth such creatures.

The plot, well after the last movie I was grateful for anything which allowed a change of scenery from the inside of a house, does develop a little from this and whilst it’s not one which will keep you head scratching for long does develop quite linearly which meant that the pace, which predictably dips in the middle of the movie, does flow a lot more favourably this time round. As in BC2 the freaks and Granny Ruth occupy most of the screen time, and as such there is still a flavour of the surreal about many of these scenes, which you will either love or hate, but thankfully this time Henenlotter remembers who we are really watching for, giving Belial the opportunity to fly from throat to face of several victims before the ultimate climax as the psychopathic blob gets fully mechanised! There are a lot more memorable set pieces in this movie and thankfully gore.

The gore is back, and with it comes Henenlotter’s signature low budget but ultra-gory finesse. There aren’t huge amounts of violence in the movie, and most is shown in the last half hour or so, but it is a welcome return after the fairly tame second entry in the series. Some guys head is literally bitten from his shoulders, another is de-faced and there is even some decent shotgun carnage. Naturally it looks pretty fake, but it is really gruesome, and let’s be honest people simply don’t come apart like that in real life so ‘over the top’ suits me just fine in this case.

Overall it isn’t going to surprise people that this movie isn’t going to have broken any boundaries, and I think it’s fair to say that the franchise has possibly been taken as far as it can really go, but for those who need closure (and could sit through the second movie without sleeping) then there is a reasonable amount of fun to be had with Basket Case 3! Don’t forget to watch until the end of the credits for a ‘happy ending’.

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