Review: Bio-Cops


I must admit I hadn’t really heard of this film much or its reputation and it was quite hard to find to actually buy but quickly searching around for a few reviews it sounded both appealing and a film that I would like, and the reviews weren’t too far off.

Firstly it stars Sam Lee who is renowned for being the joker in Asian films and does add a good comedy value, I had first read that his acting of a zombie in the police station to avoid being eaten is pretty hilarious and it certainly made me laugh the most out of the whole film.

The story is quite simple...although reading the back cover you do get a little confused as I think it’s a zombie film, I’ve heard it’s a zombie film and after I’ve watched it I know it’s a zombie film however according to the back it’s a vampire film. Moving on a secret agent is infected when the virus is injected in to him, when he’s later arrested by "Harry" another CIA agent he gets infected when he is bitten, he then returns to Hong Kong and ends up spreading the virus like wildfire!

The plot is simple and kept to a minimum with a few side plots included, involving a triad gang a few relationship issues and a police station run like no other! The acting is ok the humour flows quite well in and out of scenes and a few of the violent scenes are actually quite exiting. The zombies themselves look a bit dodgy under full light and their movements are somewhat dated, still they do pass off as being zombies although they can talk like humans and hold full conversations, something which I personally haven’t seen in a zombie film before.

Apparently this film was shot in two weeks and released the week after, and without sounding too harsh sometimes it shows. Still full credit to the producers as I think they did a solid job in the timescale.

I’ve been told not to take this film too seriously and I didn’t, and so I enjoyed it. Still I won’t be watching this again anytime soon, an Ok film in the genre but it hasn’t got a notch on Junk or Versus.

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