Review: Blind Woman’s Curse


Blind Woman's Curse is a 70's traditional Yakuza film, which dabbles in many more other sub genres it's as diverse as it gets. From genuine threads of horror to a typical Japanese ghost story and a hint of grotesque-erotica it's one fantastic potion and it makes for quite an eye opening experience.

'Teruo Ishii' is known in Japan as "The King Of Cult" and it's clear to see why, he led the wave of 'grotesque-erotica'  and while Blind Woman's Curse only shares elements a quick search shows that his work is rife with the topic.

I have always been fascinated by the orient, from the intriguing culture to the intricacy of the architecture, one thing is always apparent....some of the cinema produced by Japan is the most unique of anywhere else in the world -  a whole style of its own, paving the way for other countries to follow suit.

Akemi is out to avenge her Yakuza father's death, with a final sword thrust of the opponents leader, his daughter Aiko tries to defend him leaving herself open to a glancing slash to her eyes. A black cat licks the blood from Aiko's wound a sign of the curse that will follow. Akemi spends 3 years in jail for her crime where she gains some new members for her Tachibana gang - fascinated by her dragon tattoo on her back. Upon her release it appears that a rival gang are determined to take over the territory of the Tachibana gang, with the help of the blind Aiko, who now also seeks revenge.

It's a plot that does develop nicely, it involves new characters and has nice twists when the main story is slowing down.

The action sequences of traditional Japanese swords-play are great, the Tachibana clan work together to take down their foes and when it does get going things do get brutal with plenty of gore thrown in. As you would imagine from a traditional Japanese film the effects are kept raw, all wounds from slashing/stabbings, no special effects needed here!

The soundtrack is one that stays with you for the rest of the day, even though I had absolutely no idea what was being said its quite epic and rememberable, it's a classic Japanese soundtrack which relies on the Shamisen instrument, an instrument that you will find instantly recognisable from many martial arts fights.

Overall Blind Woman's Curse is a brilliant mash-up of sub genres, if like me are a fan of all things horror, the orient and swordplay then you should grab this Arrow release. Its packed full of extra features including two changeable sleeves! Yes! This is a traditional story with a twist one that definitely has more than one watch in it!

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