Review: Blood Relations


Blood relations is a strange film in that the plot is one which can be described easily enough, see below, but the film actually manages to keep you guessing as to what is really going on.

The film’s plot is about a father, son and son’s fiancé who meet at a secluded family manor each expecting a share (or the entirety) of their dying relatives estate and six figure fortune. As you would expect, as this is a horror, the father and the son both want all of the fortune and as the will stands the father is to inherit all of it. Not before long both the son and fiancé put together a scheme to bunk off the father, making it look natural of course, and to both inherit the riches. The father however, realising something like this was bound to happen, has plenty of surprises up his sleeve too.

It at first may seem like a generic plot, however as the film progresses there are several twists and turns which make the film quite compelling.

Whilst the film isn’t scary as such it is slightly unnerving. Situations in the film just seem out of place with real life but at the same time the character reactions make them seem normal. First off the son seems pretty keen on getting his fiancé to have sex with his dad. The dying relatives final request is to see her naked, a request she thankfully indulges. The film is definitely sleazy enough to at least equal most Italian offerings. She also gets frequently drugged and suffers vivid dreams depicting rape or open brain surgery, which leads me nicely onto...

The gore in this film isn’t very high but the effects pretty good. It turns out that the father is a brain surgeon so scattered throughout the film there are some nice sections of open brain surgery and the effects are pretty decent. There’s also a speared cat in a cupboard thrown in for good measure, if that’s your thing.

To be honest it’s pretty difficult to give anymore information about the film without ruining it so I will end by saying that overall ‘Blood Relations’ is, whilst not amazing, an adequate chiller/mystery film which makes up for its lack of scares with plenty of sleaze and the odd bit of gore.

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