Review: Blood Beach


I don’t even think that this film is out on DVD, and despite certain peoples optimism I doubt anybody is going to be in a rush to re-release it. I viewed this from a very old video release.

Let me begin by saying that many people consider this a cheap imitation of Jaws. The only truth in that statement is that it’s cheap and to be honest aside from being at the beach its nothing that made me think of Jaws, although one of the characters makes reference to Jaw’s tag line “just when you thought it was safe to go in the water!. The creature in this is an unknown ‘monster’ that snares its victims from under the sand of a popular Californian beach. The police get involved then they go looking for it. That’s it really.

The film is not great, that said it’s not un-watchable. Its just one of ‘them’, a by the number creature film which to be honest anybody could have thought up. The victims filter steadily through the films 90 minute duration, all going to the beach despite the ‘accidents’, all alone, and most at night. The death scenes are all the same, the victim struggles as they are pulled under the sand. No blood in most cases, although there are a couple of memorable scenes, one where a dog is decapitated, and the other where a rapist has his cock bitten off.

The acting is good enough and sometimes the dialog has some amusing banter, particularly between members of the police force. It’s probably this which saves the film from being a total washout. But the pace is, well, like trying to wade through quicksand and gets a bit boring towards the end.

Another good decision was to keep the creatures identity hidden until the end, not necessarily because it adds a little subtly and intrigue to the film (although it does this too) but mainly because it looks really crap. It’s difficult to describe exactly what it looks like but think of a giant paper mache sea anemone and you won’t be far off.

Overall I wouldn’t bother going to extremes to hunt this one down, and even if its there right in front of you haven’t you got anything better to do? If the idea of a camp 80s monster movie really takes your fancy, and whilst I won’t recommend it, there are worse I guess.

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