Review: Blood Car


Blood car is a low budget indie film, filled with horror, comedy, gore and political satire. These elements alone sound like a sound movie that would be worth a watch, but personally I didn't get along with it.

Blood Car takes place in the near future where gas prices have risen to astronomical prices. 'Archie' who is a kindergarten teacher, a pure vegetarian who spends every night visiting the local Veggy stand, takes it upon himself to develop an alternative source for his car to run. He experiments with wheat grass and one night discovers that his new invention needs one magic ingredient, blood. Archie implements his new machine into his car turning it in to a meat blender with wheels.

Archie being the only man in town to drive attracts a lot of attention, mainly from the very sexy 'Denise' who makes it quite clear that she will literally do anything to take a ride in Archie's car. As it's clear that Denise is only with Archie due to his car it turns in to a dilemma, keep killing or lose the girl. I'll be honest for Denise bring on the killing!!!  Unknown to Archie the government are keeping a close eye, anxious to learn the secret of his invention.

Sounds like quite a solid plot for a low budget film, an aspect that usually lets film of the same kind down. However I found parts to be horribly irritating and come the end was happy to see the credits roll. Whether my expectations were high or not, some things were clear cut for me.....

I didn't find it funny. The tongue in cheek style was there and there were plenty of 'jokes', but they just did not work for me.

The cast were incredibly annoying, 'Mike Brune' as Archie managed to wind me up in every way. The three awesomely gorgeous girls played their part too (although my frustrations came from them not getting naked enough).

The gore and effects were pretty much what you expect from a film with a $25,000 ish budget although felt a little lacklustre for me personally. There were a couple of scenes of gore and violence that did help lift the pace of the film.

Overall I do feel I'm being a bit harsh, could I produce better with 25k? Probably not!!  Could I make a film weighing in at 76 minutes and make it at least half interesting? Again most likely not. This is why it's hard to completely write this film off for me, it's a great effort for the budget just not to my taste. I won't be adding Blood Car to my collection but at the same time can understand why some people have taken a shine to it.

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