Review: Blood Trails


This film caught my attention as its theme centres on mountain bikers being stalked by a ‘relentless’ killer. The main interest for me (other than my obvious affinity for horror) is that I am a keen mountain biker myself. So was with much anticipation I began to watch this film.

It starts so well. A flashy opening sequence, which looks extremely professionally done, makes me think that I’m onto a winner with this one. Sadly that’s where the high point of the film lies and (excuse the pun) the story and interest rolls downhill from then on.

It begins with a cycle courier racing through the night, pursued by a cop, a chase which ends in an underground parking lot. Instead of being booked thus begins a cringe worthy bit of flirting which includes “Handle bar broke during a downhill race, its nothing” added to the intimate character development. The story then takes us up into the Whistler mountain range and the main story begins.

The pace of the film isn’t too bad and only drags in a couple of places; the main problem with this film is that you just don’t care what happens after a while. One of the main selling points of the film is that you are shown who the killer is and it is his relentless pursuit that is supposed to form the horror element but sadly that was not conveyed (to me at least). Normally if this is the case, a gem of a film called pieces comes to mind, is that the film is devoid of subtly and filled with gore but no, instead we are exposed to generic formula of ‘killer turns up, girl rides off’ which forms at least 80% of the film. There are however, some interesting moments including two bits of gore which stand out; a guy gets his throat cut by the killer’s bike crank, a bit unconceivable but welcome after 25 minutes of drivel and anther scene where a blade cuts up a mans body spraying blood about the path.
One final rant (I promise) is with the way the characters act throughout the film. It is really irritating. The girl seems constantly paranoid from the start, even before anyone gets hurt!

Two examples spring to mind:

  1. She gets to the bottom of the run, seems suspicious that her partner hasn’t come down yet. (Does it not occur to her that he might have just fallen off!?!) She then carries on anyway without him
  2. The woman starts acting really spooked out by seemingly nothing, then goes wandering off into a cave for no reason, and finds her feller in there! - What the hell was he doing in there? Sadly we will never know!

It is stupid sequences like these which if a film is good could perhaps be excused but when a film is taking itself so serious little things like this just frustrate the viewer and detract from the films realism.

Overall this film is too generic. It’s not the worst slasher by a long shot but it’s far from good.

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