The name Herschell Gordon Lewis needs no introduction. The God Father of gore, who sadly passed away last year, leaves us one final platter of splatter to enjoy.

‘Bloodmania’, a gore anthology consisting of 4 main stories, each introduced by the man himself is a fine closing statement for a career spanning over 50 years.

‘Pure’ gore directors are few and far between, and with some light social commentary, coupled with copious ‘gore’ Lewis gives an often humorous, light critique of the film industry to explain why so very few visionaries such as himself remain. He invites you to visit ‘Lewisville’ (a nod to ‘Tromaville’ perhaps?) as we explore 4 sordid tales ‘Gory Story’, ‘Attack of Conscience’, The Night Hag’ and ‘Goregeous’.

I had planned to critique each in turn, but as the film progressed I realised that to do such would almost go against the code; if you are familiar with Lewis’ work, you know what you are getting production wise, and the only question you want answering is just how gory it is?

Honestly, pretty damned gory – and it’s the nice old-fashioned gore too. Whilst each story differs in context, almost all contain a variety of OTT gore sequences, be it a crazed serial killer being flattened by a steamroller, or an old hag dissolved in chemical cleaners. In keeping with the director’s heritage, the effects are gooey, completely gratuitous and of course shown fully uncut. Oddly there are quite a few rather iffy CGI blood additions which don’t make anywhere near the impact the prosthetic effects do – but then again, perhaps that was the point.

Having been released on the powerhouse movie platform – Amazon Prime – I feel that this movie is going to be exposed to a whole host of new, soon-to-be, Lewis-lovers.

Then again, perhaps not!

Indeed, if you aren’t already a fan of Lewis previous works, this is so typical it will unlikely win over any fresh meat. That said, if like me you have many of his old movies and the recently released ‘Feast’ collection, you will definitely want to check this out to finish off your collection.

Overall, if I had to review ‘Bloodmania’ as a standalone film I would say this. If you are in need of a good old-fashioned gore movie, uninterested in consistent acting, plot, pace and all those mainstream film conventions then check out this gruesome piece of media. I am obviously very sad to hear of the passing of H G Lewis, but so glad this movie is out there in the public domain. It really is a fitting swansong.

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