Review: Bloodsucking Freaks


Bloodsucking Freaks sits firmly on the sexploitation shelf, delivering a late 70's entry into the shock cinema genre. 88 Films have managed to get their hands on this dirty number and although the art work including changeable sleeves/extras are all great, it's safe to say that the Blu-ray transfer has not bared well with the test of time, I however have no doubt that the picture is still an improvement over the original and if anything the grain does add to the gritty content that's portrayed.

With all exploitation films the plot is wafer thin, Sardu is running his own show - The Theatre of the Macabre, using 'magic' to show his audience the most disturbing scenes they have ever seen with brutal violence on women.......what the audience don't know is that the 'magic' is non-existent. Sardu with the help of his sinister midget 'Ralphus' plan to up the ante and wish to put on a show to end all shows. Without giving the rest of the plot away that is pretty much what's on offer, let's be honest though it's just an excuse to have mindless violence and literally as much nudity on screen as you can get away with.

Speaking of nudity it is quite frankly nonstop, most of the cast is female, from the unwilling participants of the show, to the zombie like savages Sardu is keeping locked up in the basement and they are all unclothed. There's enough muff and tits to fill a low budget porno!

The gore on display is brutal, all are sequences of torture and mutilation, if you are either squeamish or can't stand scenes of degradation then don't even consider watching BSF, because its rife with just that - I always look at exploitation films being a true marmite genre, if you can't look past the plot and critique the film on the content is was designed to showcase then there's literally no point in watching it.

Watching BSF is certainly a heavy experience, there's hints of dark humour especially with Ralphus running amok but nothing that can really detract from the subject, in the end its almost a bit of a test, you already know where the plot is heading but do you want to see more gore and nudity?

Overall Bloodsucking Freaks is a must own for fans of sexploitation films of the 70's/80's, it delivers on all notes on that front, nudity and gore are rife with some truly disturbing scenes. Its fast paced and has a runtime that suits the nature of the film perfectly, would I recommend it to the average horror goer? Probably not, but if you are one sick puppy then BSF needs to belong in your collection.

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