Review: Bloody Homecoming


Bloody Homecoming follows in the footsteps of classic slasher movies from the 80's and although it may not share the same firepower it still delivers a great example. It follows the formula that all of the entries into the genre aim for, a rememberable killer, plenty of teens for a later blood bath and a swift pace.

Bloody Homecoming follows the clichéd slasher plot, it won't blow your mind but it does manage to stay interesting. A group of teens get denied into their own homecoming so decide to break into the high school to have a party of their own. One of the boys tries to force himself on his girlfriend, she manages to escape and lock him in one of the cupboards, a fire starts and he gets trapped in. Tragic or deserved the boy perishes.....the story resumes three years on, the group of friends are anxious as its the return of the Homecoming night, will they survive???

The plot certainly does the job, and without ruining the end if you can guess who the killer is then I salute you as I definitely did not see it, which is more than what can be said for most generic slashers. Killers attire is reminiscent of plenty of other slashers (a mix between 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'The Prowler') and plays the part in hiding their identity. I wouldn't quite say its sinister in any way but is certainly a little menacing, especially when he is chasing down his victims.

Gore effects are pretty brutal, there is a fair amount of repetition in the death sequences though and although it's nice to see a killer with a signature weapon (in this case the high schools 'spirit stick' which has been sharpened at one end), a bit of variation would of helped, watching unique deaths is definitely something that helps slashers stand out. Kill tally is bloodily high and they all come at timely intervals keeping the pace ticking away nicely.

Most of the characters are diverse, and there's a wide variety of your typical slasher cast, from the sluts to the jocks and the geeks, they're all in the mix however never really developed enough to make you care too much about their demise, dialogue can certainly be a little cheesy at times but the cast do what they do well. A couple of the scenes aren't helped by the bizarre addition to hold back on credibility, surely some thought must of been given to scenes such as the homecoming itself? Why is there only 20 people there from the whole high school? All the scene needed was a room full of extras...little touches like this really hindered the overall polish of the film.

Overall Bloody Homecoming isn't pushing the boundaries of the genre, but it definitely is adding a solid addition to it, there's enough kills and blood to satisfy the gore hounds and the plot will keep you guessing as to who the killer is and their motives. It will be interesting to see what director Brian Weed will be able to do with a healthier budget. If your after a pacey slasher to occupy the night then give BH a shot!

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