Review: Bloody Reunion


I was really excited about this one; however, rather disappointingly, whilst it had all the ingredients of a solid slasher, the over padding of mundane scenes and a rather bloated emotional story line simply killed my enthusiasm pretty early on.

The plot, which for me seemed like the perfect platform from which to rack up a body count, is centred on a high school reunion for the sickly Mrs Park. Her students travel to her seaside cottage to pay one last visit to their dying teacher, and whilst it all begins cheerily nice-nice, soon we discover that each of the guests (and even Mrs Park) are harbouring some dark secrets and some pretty psychotic behaviour inducing grudges. Throw into the mix the fact that she kept a freaky deformed child in her basement, and you’ve got the basis for a reasonable amount of deaths shrouded in a bit of whose-the-killer mystery. Or at least that’s what you might think!

What you actually get is a pretty slow start, and several out of place scenes which go much deeper into each character’s backstories and emotional states than is really necessary for a film of this nature; completely killing the pace and atmosphere. Looking back, it is possible to compartmentalise the movies run time into three main scenes, with the middle scene containing pretty much all of the good stuff, bookended by a lot of stuff you won’t really care very much about at all. In terms of other aspects, this movie suffers from its fair share of shitty acting, boring dialogue and, frustratingly, some interesting subplots which never seem to develop.

I would be completely within my rights to end the review right here, however ‘Bloody Reunion’ does have an ace up its sleeve, and one which I will leave it up to you do decide its weight against the above criticism. ‘Bloody Reunion’ is quite surprisingly violent and visceral in its kill scenes. Admittedly the deaths peak early on and there aren’t a huge amount of them, however a few of them are excessively bloody and surprisingly brutal, certainly when compared to the OTT machete kills of the US brand of slasher this could be compared too. I genuinely was impressed to see a razorblade/boiling water combo shown in full detail, oh, and the blood looks great too. I’m not really sure that such excessive violence really fitted the murderers MO, but I’m certainly not complaining!

Overall though, whether the violence is good enough for me to recommend you purchasing the movie or not, I’m afraid to say I will have to stay firmly on the fence. Yes the murders are pretty good, but the rest of the film is irritatingly full of waffle and quite frankly we found it pretty boring. You will want to like this movie, trust me I did, but ultimately it won’t be getting another viewing from me.

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