Review: Bone Sickness


Soft core porn/ horror director Brian Paulin treats us a zombie movie in true cult style using gross-out prothetic effects and home made sets to deliver an overwhelming amount of gore and some true, old school style zombies.

The plot of bone sickness is to be as expected, pretty one dimensional. Alex has a degenerative bone disorder although lucky for him he has some pretty persistent friends who refuse to accept the doctor’s prognosis and seek a cure of their own. With an absurd twist of logic, best friend Thomas, decides that as it is Alex’s bones which are the problem, then surely the cure is that he should nourish himself with bones from the dead. The new concoction seems to work, but with side effects; they turned him into a ‘Fucking Necro-Junkie!’ As you can tell, the plot is easily absurd as all those plots we’ve loved in the past, and one to add into the ever increasing number of bizarre ways to create zombies, and whilst it doesn’t push the boundaries of intellect it does the job.

Along with the slightly suspect plot comes all the other aspects associated with video made horror, a basic script and an array of unknown actors. Naturally the acting isn’t amazing, but taken for what it is, the cast does a good enough job and credit must be given for the variety of gross situations they must act out; worms in mouth for one!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, whilst all the above is simply average, the gore is where 'Bone Sickness' stretches its decreped head above the crowd; this movie has got more gore than a nuke in an abattoir and it’s easily the goriest non-comedy zombie movie I have ever seen!

The gore effects are amazing, and when you consider that they were clearly home made, it puts bigger productions to shame. Up to the 50 minute mark there is the odd scene of gore, an appetiser for what is to come; a little bit of flesh ripping, some circular saw cutting and some shitty stools! Then, as the clock strikes the hour the gore flows freely. Literally every type of mutilation possible is performed. Faces ripped off, disembowelling, heads punched in, brains eaten, zombies shot to shit; the works. All the effects are shown in full glory, and whilst granted they look a little exaggerated in parts, they sure make an impact.

The good effects are not restricted solely to the gore; the true stars of the show are the zombies themselves. I was beginning to wonder when someone would remember that zombies cannot run! Actually I don’t really have a problem with the odd one getting a jog on, but it was nice to see that someone had remembered what they were really like. As with the gore, the attention to detail pays off. Each of the zombies is in various state of decay and they look pretty convincing as they shamble about with worms in the eyes and such like. I read somewhere that Paulin built a graveyard in his garage, and believe me; if it’s true then it was well worth the effort. The emergence of the zombies from the ground, some first person (with mud on the lens) choreographed with an 80s synth score really takes you back and, going out on a limb, I would say its as cool an entrance for the un-dead as in Fulci’s ‘Zombi’.

Overall Paulin’s effort remains as one of my favourite zombie movies. No matter how many times I watch the sheer volume of gore never fails to keep me entertained. Sure it fits into the low budget cliché in terms of plot, script and acting but then isn’t it all just part of the charm of the genre. That aside, if you’re a fan of gore movies then ‘Bone Sickness’ is for you, if your a fan of old school zombies then I’m sure you will appreciate what Paulin delivers here. I cannot wait for Paulin’s sick new film ‘Fetus’!

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