Review: Burial Ground


First thing that struck me about this was its age, which was a good thing. The old cars, cheesy music and rough looking quality are things I do like in a good aged horror however, sadly, these were only a few points that I found likeable.

As far as I can gather the entire plot revolves around old man who makes his way in to an old underground burial ground where he manages to wake the dead purely by making noise. Quite a clever trick I thought.

We move on to a group of people staying at a hotel nearby to the burial grounds who begin to come under attack from the rotting dead. The usual kind of cliché group of people sex hungry stuck up etc etc, the kind we wouldn’t mind if they died I guess.

Things get a little heated around the place and before we know it there’s hordes of zombies roaming the grounds and searching for brains. The people barricade themselves in the hotel and all hell breaks out yadi yadi yadi.

One thing really pissed me off with this film and that’s the constant drone of the synthesizer, the amount of times I got close to muting the film was unreal. Don’t get me wrong sometimes the synthesizer especially in older films can really set the atmosphere and certain scenes can be made more eerie and a lot more deep. However using it as a constant tone throughout the film, something which this film pretty much did is just taking the pants down of its viewers.

From here on in I wasn’t impressed. The acting is terrible! I’ve seen worse but this is pretty low key. One thing sticks to mind and that’s the development of a mothers child called Michael who is actually about 30 but the size of a child who has an incestuous side and ends up biting off the nipple of his own mother, after he has been turned in to a zombie. Delicious!

Gore does get a bit wild towards the end with various impalements, rifle kills and a general hunt of flesh from the walking dead. However this doesn’t really make up for the general appeal of the rest of the film.

Overall, ‘Burial Grounds’ a dodgy film which is just a little too dodgy for my taste and whilst the gore is there it does not prove a powerful enough factor to overshadow the films many other shortcomings. Not too bad but far from great which pales in comparison to some of the greats of the era; sadly average.

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