Review: Butcher Boys


It's hard not to head into Butcher Boys without some form of expectation. Kim Henkel best known as the producer and writer of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and has written BB has clearly brought some of his original ideas to the plate. The box art itself screams of the final scene from the original TCM where Leatherface is going ballistic with his chainsaw on the highway. BB has been, in my opinion given a harsh reception. It only takes a little browsing to see that it has been given some serious lashings from the critics, all I can say is that BB is without a doubt 90 minutes well spent.

BB does start off a little slow after the 'initial' opener which, I must admit is bloody brutal! A group of teens are out having a dinner, whilst out in the car they stop off for fuel. One of the girls is, to put it simply a slag who loves drama, she causes a scene in the petrol station with some boys that are in the shop. They chase the teens down and it's not before long that they are in a neck of the woods that both sets of friends really wish they weren't!

After the two cars are wrecked and the groups get separated the teens are exposed to a small part of town where human flesh is a delicacy and women are imprisoned for later gruesome experiments. In all honesty it's the sort of plot that doesn't really bode well with me, I usually have a very short attention span with the simple story line but BB with the aid of some visual gore and truly chaotic scenes throughout never has a dull moment.

Now I can see why people are hell bent on comparing this to TCM, and for those that are defending this independent effort, please be real. The similarities are endless, there is even a similar 'table' scenario, where the female prisoner is being tormented and the lunacy of the group is revealed.

The plot isn't very intricate at all and once it gets going you already pretty much know what is going to happen for the rest of the film. Here it does lose some marks, where it does shine is pace, gore and the atmosphere. There is a constant tense feel as soon as the group is separated, all of the kills are brutal and add shock value where possible - again its one of those scenario's.....if you managed to survive would you really want to live? I think not!

What does drop this down from a 4 is that it's just too familiar ground to the point where some scenes start to feel like a rehash - so I guess the argument could be why not just go and watch TCM, well I would say valid point but were talking about comparing a classic to a relatively low budget independent horror that does touch on some slightly new ideas - new settings etc. Speaking of settings a nice piece of trivia is that 'Duane Graves' one of the directors has made a hobby of photographing hundreds of old movie locations as they appear today, a handful of which appear in BB from original movie locations, see if you can spot them!

Overall Butcher Boy's was a well executed run of the mill horror. It wasn't mind blowing nor was it ground breaking it was just polished. The acting was good, there wasn't much in the way of padding and the gore/nudity was enough for the sickheads, not to mention the finale without a doubt ends the film on a massive high - its frantic! Recommended.

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