If you like your comedy horror with a throwback splatter vibe then Tyler Am’s ‘Butcher the Bakers’ might just be the film for your Friday night in.

The story opens with the titular Bakers, a stoner-esk couple of lads who find themselves at the end of another busy day running their breaded confectionary store. Just as they are leaving for the evening they find themselves recruited to stop a rogue Reaper (as in the grim type) who is busy collecting souls indiscriminately. Well, apparently, this messes up the cosmos and the such like and so it must be stopped. The duo, and a couple of other misfits find themselves working as an unlikely team in order to save the day. Madness ensues, and things get both progressively sillier and messier as the story moves towards its conclusion.

Let’s deal with the ‘sillier’ element first. This film is absolutely chock full of ‘geek humour’ – and to my British taste of slapstick it got somewhat more and more grating as the film progressed. Characters shouting their lines at one another in an almost autistic fashion, regardless of context, sarcastic one liners which induced more cringes than laughs and tough-guy/girl (over) performances which showcased some questionable acting. But, there is an increasing trend of this type of humour, so rather than the film being bad, I feel they were going for the whole ‘its so bad its good’ approach.

Well, now I’ve published that, I certainly hope so!

What this film has, aside from the above critique, is heart; and lots of it. The film has some critical lows, but by and large it is as grossly entertaining as it is gross out. This is one of those movies which was clearly a labour of love; and all the better for it. There isn’t a scene in the whole 90minute run time where 100% isn’t given. Its story is a stab at something unique, its characters work well as contrasts to each other, and as with the plot, far from typical. There are some awesome set pieces, and a nice range of locations and sub-plots to ensure that the film kept moving forward at a brisk pace.

The gore, with perhaps some exceptions (hard to tell) was all old fashion prosthetic and it does get nicely gruesome in parts. Its perhaps more 90s tinged splatter violence, than the brutal and lingering 80s type, but either way, as a comedy/gore movie, ‘Butcher the Bakers’ delivered as promised. There are numerous scenes of violence, and indeed, when the characters are goofing their way through the stories zany exposition, they appear to be tearing one another apart so its nicely spaced throughout the film.

Overall, your tolerance for the aforementioned ‘geek’ humour should determine your enjoyment of the film. If its your bag, then add a star to my review and go buy the movie and support a team who put in a commendable amount of effort to bring you ‘Butcher the Bakers’ – you will no doubt think it was a great movie because of it, if not, well perhaps go the other way with the star rating. My opinion, ‘Butcher the Bakers’ was still an enjoyable film despite it.

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