Review: Cabin in the Woods


Seldom does a movie come along which can both refresh and innovate a genre as tried and cliché as the slasher genre and live up to the hype in doing so. If you haven’t already been swept away by the enthusiasm for this movie then rest assured it’s well worth the effort to pick up and view. This movie is a true 5* for not only sheer innovation but for entertainment purposes.

Forget the pretentious shit that normally accompanies such bold statements such as "ground breaking", ‘Cabin in the Woods’ goes straight for what it sets out to be.  Executed to the letter, this movie simply begins as your standard cabin in the woods slasher. In-fact the homage to several key genre innovators of the past, most noticeably The Evil Dead is all part of the plot; which incidentally is going to be really difficult to describe without giving the game away. Once the group of stereotypical teens are at the cabin they see that things are not as they seem as they are stalked and slashed one by one as you might expect. From this aspect of the movie everything seems business as usual, all save for the mysterious sub-plot which is very carefully interwoven throughout the movie, which only materialises in its true for in the latter half of the movie. To say any more would simply ruin the movies true genius! And genius it is, the more you think about this movie the clever it becomes, it’s both fresh, satirical and pays homage all in one!

With Joss Whedon on the writing team it is to no surprise that the plot is well crafted to the letter, and considering the guys creating this movie managed to span genres and nail each one is even more to their credit. The casting is spot on with the teens playing their ‘fresh meat for the grinder’ clichés with conviction. The script is witty where it needs to be, with the necessary level of sex and drug references again, where they need to be. I cannot say anything more about the plot for fear of ruining one of the selling points of the movie but let me assure you this is well paced and thoroughly engaging throughout.

One reservation I had with this movie was the rather worrying 15 certificate displayed on the box. An effective slasher with non-mature rated gore or nudity - does such a thing even exist? Well apparently so. Thanks to more sensible censorship fantasy gore seems to carry with it a more lenient age rating as this movie is pretty gory, in-fact quite excessively bloody towards the end. And with high budget effects the impalements, stabbings and bodily dismemberments all look fantastic. It takes a little bit of time for the murders to get going but once they do you will forget all about the age rating.  There is nothing particularly brutal or torturous contained within, and there is only a flash of tits, but still trust me the violence is not all that out of place with the slasher movies ‘Cabin in the Woods’ parodies.

Overall, if the enthusiasm of my review doesn’t sell this movie to you then let me end the review by stating that this is one of my favourite movies of 2012. It’s a rarity for a movie to impress me as much as this has. It deserves the hype and director Drew Godard is certainly one to watch for future releases.

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