Review: Carrie


'Carrie' a film that is pretty much a staple diet of any horror fans out there and definitely a must see, and I'm assuming if you're here I don't have to worry about that. In terms of iconic films in my mind this is up there with the best!

Carrie held up that well that it managed to spark at least 3 careers in the acting world including, John Travolta, Sissy Spacek and Nancy Allen to name a few, and it's clear to see why. There are some stellar performances and I don't think Sissy Spacek as Carrie could have been played any better.

The plot focuses on a recluse girl called Carrie, sheltered by her mum 'Margaret' and her constant religious bombardment forced upon her over the years. From the opening scenes it's clear to see that Carrie has put up with years of bullying and this day was no different. Whilst in the shower after gym class Carrie experiences her first period and because of her mother not giving her any guidance believes she is dying and becomes hysterical. The girls all gang up on her mocking her and throwing tampons at her before the gym teacher 'Miss Collins' intervenes.  Carrie is that upset and angry that she uses some kind of  telekinetic power that she didn't know she had, and makes the light bulb in the shower room burst.

Carrie is sent home and Margaret reacts by preaching her religion and telling her she has "the curse of blood" and that it's punishment for the sin. She locks her in a closet and forces her to pray for her sins.

One of the girls 'Sue' feels remorse for being part of Carrie's shower room bullying and suggests her boyfriend 'Tommy' takes Carrie to the prom to make her feel like she fits in. Carrie suspects she had a telekinetic gift so starts to research it at the library, whilst there Tommy asks her out and she runs off. Carrie has a pep talk from Miss Collins and after a visit at Carrie's home from Tommy she accepts his invitation. Carrie tells her mum that she is going to the prom, she tells Carrie the prom would be a sin and that boys are only after one thing. Carrie causes all of the windows and doors to slam shut in the house revealing her telekinetic powers to her mum who believes it's the power of Satan. It's clear that Carrie IS going to the prom with or without her mums consent!!

Miss Collins who has been punishing the girls that bully Carrie with extra gym classes says that if any of the girls don't attend they won't be able to go the prom. One of the girls 'Chris' pushes her luck and refuses to attend and is consequently banned from the prom. Chris with the help of her boyfriend 'Billy' (John Travolta) plan to sabotage the prom and give Carrie the biggest shock of her life! From here on it's clear to see that the prom is the focus of the film so I won't spoil anything as it really is worth the wait and suspense!

The prom scene itself has a great build-up and delivers on all levels. Sissy Spacek as Carrie shines throughout this scene as she delivers her payback to all those who have, (and those who haven't), played a part in her humiliation. The scene is played very well, camera angles, the red tint throughout and the classic music played on every use of telekinesis all add up to a flawless showstopper, which will be remembered for a long time as an amazing ending to a film.

Overall Carrie is a must see, if not a must own in your own collection. Don't look for buckets of gore and nudity because you won't find it, however what you will find is an 80's feeling classic (albeit being released in 1976) that has a solid plot and acting throughout.

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