Review: Cockneys Vs Zombies


Cockneys Vs Zombies is an English horror film written by 'Lucas Roche' and 'James (Severance) Moran'. It shares the same style as 'Shaun of the Dead' and the same British humour throughout.

As to be expected 'Alan Ford' as 'Ray' the retirement home owner, steals the show. He shows the same cockney attitude as his well renowned performances in 'Lock Stock' and 'Snatch' and adds most of the humour to the film.

Two brothers 'Andy' and 'Terry' are in the midst of a robbery on a bank to try and save the (soon to be destroyed) retirement home, owned by Grandad Ray, meanwhile workmen on a site discover an ancient grave. They bravely enter the grave only to be attacked by a zombie which then spreads to all the locals. During the robbery Andy and Terry along with their accomplices realise that something isn't right....probably when they realise most of the police that foiled the robbery and are awaiting their arrest start to be eaten outside. Now with the aid of some 'hostages' the survivors are in a race to fight their way to the retirement home to save Grandad Ray.

'CvZ' doesn't just rely on its British humour, it has buckets of gore as you would expect, with a nice mixture of CGI blood and quality looking zombies. Thank god they are Romero zombies too, I get fed up of the sprinters we see in most modern films and true to the original 'zombie' it sticks to the ridiculously slow, stumbling hunks of meat that we used to see.

The cast has a few familiar faces and a few unknowns but they all hold their own, the bumbling pensioners of the retirement home are all characters in their own way and Ray is of course full of one liners.

Overall there's not a great deal more to say about CvZ, you can pick it up already for ridiculously cheap and it's an all round solid zombie comedy. You won't be blown away by the story and it's not full of action set pieces, it has a nice flowing pace, a nice amount of gore and typical cockney humour.  There's cockneys with some hilarious rhyming slang in there, a ridiculous amount of automatic weaponry and zombies, quality.

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