Review: Cold and Dark


I toyed with the idea of getting this film for a while. In the UK the artwork on the DVD box was selling what appeared to be a low budget gore movie with a review which claimed the film was "as gory as hell" and screenshots of peoples faces with a bit of blood on them, which to be honest looked no where near as gory as I imagine hell to be. However from reading the description on the back the synopsis seemed to contradict this and in fact it turned out to be more of the truth. The artwork on the Region 1 release (shown above) is a little more suitable

This film is not a gore movie; it could probably be described as a cross between an episode of the X-Files and David Cronenberg’s ‘Rabid’. The plot follows two policemen who, despite not following al the rules, believe in “getting the bad guys” no matter what the cost. The cost usually involves killing them. For a while it would seem they have been trying to get arrest warrants for an official’s son, a crook who is involved in people smuggling. When they are told from by ‘powers that be’ to leave the case alone, members of the crooks crew start dying from what looks like animal attacks. The two policemen are accused, despite the savagery of the attacks being beyond their capability, but are the murders purely circumstantial? As the story progresses one of the cops is mad to choose how far he will go before right becomes wrong.

The plot is pretty substantial and it just about holds together through the 90minutes, although it does get a bit muddled and is probably better accepted than thinking too much about the continuities. The pace for the most part is pretty quick. The acting is adequate although you kind of get the feeling that the two lead roles are pushed to their full potential. For the most part the drama and character development is interesting enough although the sections of films with the voice over, generally to do with how the lead cop is feeling, is pretty cheesy.

The violence is pleasing too. The murders are sufficiently brutal, plenty of blood and a few snap shots of mutilated bodies. The creature effects are pretty dodgy at times though, the use of CGI to show the parasitic mouth in particular. I think to say "as gory as hell" might be over doing it, it might be a bit strong for TV but its no competitor to ‘true’ gore movies. None the less it feels adequate.

Overall this is a perfectly adequate film and in the end I’m pleased that I saw it. Don’t expect anything too special but if you see it at the right price then I think you will no regret watching it.

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