Consumption (Live-In-Fear – Original title) follows a depressing group of angst 20 something’s, all bearing their own life dilemmas and personal issues who decide to take a vacation to a remote snow bound apartment in Utah.

Straight off the bat it is clear to see that Consumption is very much an indie entry, low on budget but overall shot well and if in the mood for horror it can be rewarding in ‘parts’.

The plot on the whole concentrates on the group and their personal problems, which all become apparent from the beginning, they have clearly come to the resort to try and battle their demons and start fresh but temptation seems to prevail. When they first arrive they are welcomed by some locals who are fairly horrified to find out that one of the girls says she is an atheist………they promptly leave (tbc…) and leave the group to settle in.

This is where Consumption starts to suffer, it strays well off-piste and not just once for that matter, it ends up being a mash up of convoluted scenes that slowly leave you scratching your head and struggling to keep up. Some of the scenes literally feel they would be more suited to someone high as a kite rather than a horror watching enthusiast. Personally I would of liked Consumption to just turn into a cheap thrills splatter fest (especially after a couple of the scenes of gore are actually well done), it had the setting for it and I felt it could have appealed to a larger crowd.

To this point I can’t really talk you through the plot, there’s ghosts, something to do with a cult (see devout locals from earlier) and a possession, the reality is by the time this has all happened you would of made your mind up whether you like the film or not.

The actors all do their part well enough, personally I think they are acting perfectly fine within the confinement of the plot and script, some of the dialogue is awkward – I’ll be honest and say I laughed out loud at least a couple of times.

Overall Consumption wont bode well the majority of horror fans, it loses its identity too quickly but does have its moments if you stick with it, I think it’s well shot and captures the ‘isolated’ feel very well but ultimately by the end you won’t really know what has just happened. This title is for a purist indie horror fan that prefers the more ‘thriller’ elements to a film rather than actual horror.

On a side note I didn’t really understand the title either…..for me it didn’t fit the film at all and after all said and done ends up sitting firmly in the pile of ‘generic buzzword’ horror titles.

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