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To make an unofficial sequel to a massively popular zombie film is a ballsy move, it's going to generate interest from both fans of the original and zombie fans in general. However if you are going to do that, please make a solid zombie movie.....because people will not hesitate to rip this film a new arsehole.

To say zombie movies are my favourite genre would be an understatement, if there's an evening with nothing better to do then an old classic will be revisited, for that reason I'm always on the lookout for something new, and also very critical too.

Now the first thing that got me interested was the box art, yes its cheesy but to me it has the old school look, so I was hoping that the direction would of been to make a homage to the original zombie movies, interesting story, gory zombies etc etc, well call me stupid for hoping but my expectations were met with one horribly sloppy shit.

The plot is a mess and that's putting it lightly, it's that fucked up I'm actually having to consult Wikipedia to try and understand what was supposed to of been happening, and I'm quite sure that it's not that complicated but the editing and script are that on par with the awful ambience of the entire film that it's really hard to keep up.

Right after said browsing of wiki I'm going to be honest and say I'm still absolutely clueless about the plot, basically in Pennsylvania 1968, the army loses control of a bio weapon that changes peoples DNA from human in to zombie. Soldiers are sent in to a hospital to eliminate all of the infected staff but a sample is stolen and dropped in some grass. Now to present day where a group of mental patients find the sample and open it turning them in to zombies and causing an outbreak. Don't get me wrong I'm not 100% sure that's actually what happened but I assure you, you won't give a shit anyway. It took me two watches to get through this steamy turd and I still feel robbed.

My main problem is that this film lacks polish, everything is poorly done. The camera angles are appalling at times, the transitions between shots are amateur and lazy, the effects are a massive let down considering this had a $1,000,000 backing, acting is awkward at times and the script is what I like to call 'piss poor'.

Overall Day Of The Dead 2 is not worth your time, if you really are that bored go and have a shit and look at it before flushing, because believe me it would be more interesting than this lacklustre zombie bukkake fest. On a serious note some people will defend DOTD2 stating that if it was called something else people wouldn't be so critical...........well in all fairness I thought the original was a solid zombie film but the remake (2008) was a mockery so personally it could of been called "Zombie Shit Flingers" and it would of made no difference at all.

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