Review: Dead Space – Downfall


As you may have guessed by the name, this feature length animation has been inspired by the superb ‘Dead Space’ video game. In the game you are part of a rescue team sent into deep space to investigate weird events on the mining ship Ishimura, when you get there all manner of shit has gone down and the ship is overrun with monsters. This movie serves as a prequel to those events, showing the downfall of the Ishimura.

I’m not a massive fan of animation, let it be said, but since I enjoyed the video game I thought what the hell; overall I would say it was watchable.

The plot then, well...

A strange stone obelisk, the ‘marker’ was discovered on a distant planet. Once the marker was removed it was taken back to the colony. Once it got there a series of psychotic episodes began to occur amongst the colonists, then as the marker is moved onto the Ishimura the outbreaks spread throughout the ship. Basically the plot follows the exact sequence of events which you unravel, log at a time, in the video game. This means that, whilst it’s cool to see the carnage, of which you only see the aftermath of in the game, first hand it does make the plot seem a little redundant as essentially you already know exactly what happens from the game.

With the plot falling a little flat it’s up to the bloody violence to keep the viewer attention.

The game was excessively violent; hacking limbs off, suicides and general creature guts was all in a days work, and I’m glad to say this ethos has been carried through into this animation. There is plenty of blood sloshing about the place and some really nice set pieces which are excessively gory; albeit animated. It was nice to see that the general feel of the computer game was kept here and that this movie was clearly aimed at a mature audience, as was the game.

The animation was pretty good and the backgrounds well drawn. The voice acting seemed ok although the script was hardly technical, quite cliché actually.

Overall though, despite being quite enjoyable, this movie is a fairly lacklustre addition to the franchise. Naturally you would expect that the story would not be completely new, but normally prequels either explains things missing from the series or add stuff to the origins of the following events; ‘Downfall’ does neither of these things and really just visualises the events which are explained in the logs you collect whilst playing the video game. Watch for completion sake if you have played the video game but really you aren’t missing much at all.

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