Review: Dear God No!


From the lengthy press release documents accompanying the screener it would appear that writer/director James Bickert was fully committed to produce the ultimate grindhouse biker movie, without compromise and without any cock-sucking homage.

From the get go, with the rape and murder of a nun, it would appear it was mission accomplished ‘Dear God No!’ is literally 80 minutes of crappy acting, disjointed plot and enough gratuitous nudity to make you uncomfortable when watching it with anybody unfamiliar with the genre.

The plot, if that’s what it could be referred to - needless to say there is little correlation between one scene to the next - concerns a biker gang ‘The Impalers’ and their latest road trip/killing spree. After an initial shootout at the aptly named ‘Satan’s Own’ club the remaining gang members take refuge at a remote cabin in the Georgia hills. Unbeknownst to them this cabin is the site of some pretty unconventional research. Soon they find themselves under siege and ultimately on the menu.

Now to critique this movie would be pointless and frankly counter intuitive to the director’s cause. This is the 1970s, this is designed to shock, and this is simply in no way a movie which was designed to win people over, if anything this movie is quite repulsive - but if that’s your thing you’re going to love it (ironic eh?).

Filmed using the techniques and equipment of the past,‘Dear God No!’ documents the rather sadistic trip from the bar to the hills in somewhat graphic detail. These biker’s are absolute scum of the earth type, killing anyone they please without conscience and gloating about it,no vagina is safe from rape, and quite frankly these guys have an aptitude for finding the piece of state with the largest amount of women willing to go topless ever – oh an a Big-Foot creature!

This film is all about excess, certainly quantity over quality in all respects!

Overall there is little more to say, the plot is deliberately convoluted, there are indeed as many pairs of tits as the press release boasts and the violence both regular and sexual is as graphic as you would expect - indeed so much so that the BBFC saw fit to cut a full 1 minute and 37 seconds from the UK version of the movie. That said trust me, and I am well aware about people’s feelings about artistic censorship, there is still A LOT of things to offend in this movie, if you need a clincher the scene where a couple of bikers remove forcefully an unborn baby from a woman’s womb whilst raping her is left pretty much intact.

Crude, violent and horrifically offensive ‘Dear God know!’ relights the torch and raises the bar for all modern biker-exploitation movies.

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