Review: Death Race 3


Luc Goss resumes his role in Death Race Inferno as ‘Frankenstein’ returns in the third instalment of the uber-violent ultimate boy’s toys franchise.

For those of you left out of the loop, ‘Deathrace’, the most popular sport of our future, sees convicts pitted against one another in a race involving vehicles armed with a range of military grade hardware from rocket launchers to miniguns and flamethrowers!


Now in the first two movies, ‘Deathrace’ a pay-per-view event, was set on the maximum security prison aptly named ‘Terminal Island’, in Deathrace Inferno the action has been moved to a desert location in a move made to promote, and boost ratings, in order to justify the capital needed to franchise the show. All of this after a hostile takeover and some shady dealings involving ‘Frankenstein’ the anti-hero of the first two films (and indeed the original 1975 Deathrace 2000) and his 5-wins-equals-freedom deal which encouraged him to race in the first place.

Sound intricate? Of course its not, but trust Anderson, writer of Deathrace Inferno and of course Resident evil 1 - 6 , to make something from nothing. That said, the plot is sufficient, and there are enough little twists to keep the story plodding along nicely, although they are unlikely to provide revelation to anybody but the most brain-dead of adolescent. In-fact, despite this being the third movie you could quite happily start here without being at a disadvantage, what you need to know is told through surprisingly subtle flashbacks.

These films of course are not for those who want academic challenge, but what they deliver is explosive action by the bucket load. The first two movies were successes by our standards, formulaic but it worked. They were exciting, violent and... well pretty cool; this theme continues into the third movie with equal consistency. This movie is perhaps less bloody than previous instalments, but twice as explosive. The desert locations make a change from the tarmac track of Terminal Island, and the opportunity for some audience participation only adds to the carnage. Bottom line, the film makers seemed demined to keep the DVD franchise alive, ‘Inferno’ has been clearly been given some thought in order to avoid this becoming a clearly lower budget cash in.

The vehicles, are always somewhat a star attraction, are supped up and fit for purpose and whilst I won’t go and ruin all of the surprises they are armed with all the usual plus some neat other additions such as a fully operational tank turret and a flamethrower. They look great, albeit, and to the movies benefit, it is clear that these are just normal cars but made more suitable for the off-road terrain which adds to the authenticity of the event. In addition to the vehicles there are some other additions to the carnage which is a nice addition to the franchise; we particularly liked the all-female voluptuous royal rumble featuring none other than a pair of Swedish psycho twins! Oh and the antipersonnel surface to surface missile launchers - lovely touch.

Overall, concerns that this was going to be a movie too far were quickly dispelled. Minimal storytelling and 100% commitment to delivering adrenaline fuelled action, no matter how absurd, ensures that ‘Deathrace Inferno’ sits proudly alongside the other two movies. It’s just as well paced, and the use of real life pyrotechnics makes it all the more impressive. Fans of the franchise will also be happy to see the rather blatant setup for a forth movie!  Can’t wait!

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