Review: Death Race


Not to be confused with Death Race 2000, the “classic” Sly Stallone film.

This is rather a remake of the aforementioned film, and apparently a labour of love for director Paul W.S. Anderson. You might be familiar with Anderson from the Resident evil film trilogy and the rather good sci-fi horror “Event Horizon” (and the first Aliens Vs Predator film, but the less said about that wank the better).
The story follows Jensen Ames, played by Jason Statham, an out of work labourer who ends up in the slammer when he’s framed for his wife’s murder. Once inside he’s offered the chance to compete in the “Death Race” program.

Death Race is a side business for the prison, convicts compete in deadly races for a pay per view audience. Win 5 races, win your freedom. Jensen finds himself in the enviable position of being offered to take the place of fan favourite “Frankenstein”, who has already won 4 races. But what the viewing public and the rest of the prison don’t realise is that old Frankie is dead.

Faced with the offer of one win equals freedom he obviously agrees. Oh and did I mention he’s a fucking award winning racing driver? No? That’s cuz you only find out this nugget of info at this point in the film. I would say I ruined the twist but the whole story is so painfully predictable that it won’t ruin your viewing pleasure, unless you’re a retard.

You could probably write what you think will happen in the rest of the film now and you’d be pretty damn close, so I won’t talk about that anymore. Fortunately the film isn’t about the story, or the script, it’s about the races.

And they are good.

I don’t mean they’re good in the sense that this is award winning direction; this is just a director doing what he wants, what he loves without too much interference (I’m talking about you AVP, a 15? Damn you 20th century fox).

You can forget about all the problems this film has when you’re watching the races, they are well choreographed and violent, exactly what you need.

You’ll know exactly what is going to happen next, and you won’t think much of the script or the acting, but I honestly believe its worth watching this film just for the action. Just don’t do something silly like buy the damn thing without seeing it first, it’s not that good. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure movie.

See the film, you probably won’t want to buy it, but I can’t imagine you’ll regret seeing it either.

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