Review: Demons 2


Here we go again! For me finding out there was a sequel to one of my favourites was a gem! Its still fun, it’s still quite gory, it still has a heavy 80’s theme (including cheesy music) but it’s exactly the same. When I say exactly I mean exactly. I’m not saying this is a bad film, I was just hoping for a little variation.

Lets see replace the cinema with a tower block, lets get the whole tower block watching a programme (originally a film in Demons) lock them all in send a demon through the TV screen which scratches a human, making them a demon and Off we go!

We have a large handful of the original cast returning. Even though half of them were supposedly killed in the original. We even have another demon manifesting from a human this time a rather odd looking bat creature. This ends up to be what can only be described as comedy! Unfortunately the poor little bat creature ends up having a close encounter with an umbrella, straight through its face. This aside the characters from the original I found interesting and made the film what it was, their return was more than welcome.

Don’t get me wrong I actually like this film. I can’t help but laugh at the cheesy dialogue that the gym trainer uses. Who just happens to have a shotgun sitting in his car when they all get locked in the garage. Convenient huh?! I still love the gore and the simplicity of the film, but I just wanted so much more.

Again gore was used well, in and around transformations of the demons themselves. I can’t help but be a little freaked out by the demon child. There was something about that scene which just felt a bit eerie. Not too sure whether that was intended though, I think just to add more humour than anything.

Overall this doesn’t really offer much more than the original and I couldn’t really justify watching this over Demons when they are both in my collection. Still it has a good few laughs and the era that the film is set is just my cup of tea!

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