Review: Demons


Camp. Very camp. Splatter Splatter Splatter! I love this film!! A simple plot and a good excuse for a lot of fun gore!

Opening scenes start with a train ride accompanied by what can only be described as industrial techno? Playing in the background. Throw in a creepy guy handing out flyers and a cinema which funnily enough nobody has seen before and were set for a cheesy night!

Nobody knows what the film is or even why most of them are there. Mainly out of curiosity but soon enough they realise that curiosity killed the cat. A decorative mask is mocked by a bored onlooker waiting in the lobby for the film but little does she know that the small prick that makes her bleed from the mask will be the coming of the Demons!

Film time portrays one of horror. A teenage group playing in a grave happen to stumble upon Nostradamus’ tomb. The teens discover a mask, whoever wears the mask will become a demon. A carrier of evil. Without ruining too much this kicks the film off.

Get ready for plenty of gore and a whole lot of terror. This film stays simple and the things it does do it does very well! The ending is also apocalyptic and sets it up perfectly for a sequel! Although the sequel only seems to have one thing in common and that’s the gore.

Memorable gore scenes, include a poor woman turning in to a demon on the stage, including fangs that replace her own teeth followed by her nails being forced off. A demon also manages to manifest itself from a lady’s back! Very impressive! Don’t get too attached to characters, there’s a whole lot of demons and a whole lot of gore which needs to take place!

A film which can pull off "Go West - We close our eyes", a classic 80’s song in a drug leaders car is in my mind genius and my sort of film! I had never heard of this film before meeting G and my god was I missing out! A Keeper in my collection.

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