Review: Detained


An Irish short film involving a zombie outbreak within a school. The story begins as an adult having flash backs of the ordeal when he was in high school. The boy is sent to the detention room, presumably where the title comes from, where his teacher gives a pretty ruthless speech about the pressures of life and the importance of getting a good education. As soon as he is finished one of his detainees tries to eat him. The rest of the films 15 minute duration are spent following the boy as he tries to escape, running into zombie school kids at every turn.

Now I realise that the film was shot with a minimal budget and probably as part f a student project so I’m going to take this into consideration but whilst the camera work, use of limited effects, plot and acting are all pretty good the film its self is pretty uninspiring. The zombies too, who are usually the stars of such flicks, are a bit of a let down as they are just people with limited Halloween make up on, staggering around unconvincingly.

Overall if you should come across this film give it a try. It’s hard to say that any film is a waste of time at 15 minutes in length, but it’s not great. If Irish zombie films take your fancy try ‘Dead Meat’. It’s not great either but it has its moments - including a zombie cow!

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