Review: Don’t Go Into The House


Another film which is added to the BBFC of banned movies this nasty slasher involves a man, who is a victim of abuse as a child, stalking women and then burning them alive with a flame thrower in a specially made room in his house. The plot is essentially that, as you would expect there is nothing subtle about it. Being Italian film the sleaze is out in full force, of course the women who are killed are stripped before death and all of the films portrayals of female characters are that of gullible but nice looking individuals. The film could be considered dangerously sexist if it wasn’t for the crediting of a female co-writer.

The gore and violence I’m a little disappointed to say is not all that great. I was expecting a lot to be honest and I thought the flame thrower was an especially nice touch; sadly however you only get to see one death via this means. This death scene is brilliant though, the effects are awesome and it is truly harrowing to watch as the victim struggles and writhes amongst the flames, nasty! The rest of the film is lacking and the other victims are all killed off screen. This does not mean however that the rest of the film is bad, although you can’t help feeling that there was a little missed potential. The sheer insanity of the film really shines through; the lead character is clearly mad and weird voices and eerie dream sequences give the film a nice atmosphere at times and the sleaziness and off-beat circumstances scattered throughout are quite amusing.

Overall the violence of the film is not as frequent as it could have been, but the pace is pretty good and other events during the film are amusing, the disco scene in particular. For this, and the first torture scene, this film is definitely worth a watch, just don’t expect gore.

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