Review: Ebola Syndrome


Ebola Syndrome is sick. If you're a fan of utterly disgusting Asian cinema then you need to own this film.

The film starts with a sex scene including tits, 3 particularly violent deaths, someone being pissed on and an attempted arson attack on a child, and that's the first 10 minutes! It really does set the tone of the rest of the film and if you think that's vile I would probably turn it off because it's not for you!

People all have their different opinions of what "Sick" actually is, whether it's 'Human Centipede, Martyrs, Untold Story or Inside' I think Ebola Syndrome can sit in that category along with all the other nasty films we have endured over the years.

The plot is simple "Kai San" played by 'Anthony Wong' is caught sleeping with his bosses wife, after killing everyone involved (sparing his bosses daughter) he flees to South Africa, here he works in a restaurant. He contracts the Ebola virus after raping a zulu-girl whilst out buying cheap meat from a tribe. After constant bullying from his new bosses wife he ends up killing her too, and his boss! I think Kai has an issue with authority! He ends up spreading his deadly virus to all those that attend the restaurant. He returns to Hong Kong with stolen money where he manages to start his very own Ebola epidemic. He is recognised by the spared girl from many years ago and all hell breaks loose when the authorities try to track him down.

In a nutshell Ebola Syndrome is full of gore, nudity, disgusting scenes, rape, cannibalism with elements of dark humour thrown in. Some parts of this film are laugh out loud funny yet disgusting at the same time. Particularly gross scenes include sniffing his boss' wife's panties, hearing her getting screwed next door then wanking into a piece of meat which he serves to customers the day after! Sick! I won't ruin the ending but its easily the most memorable part of the film for me.....after all the tits of course!

Effects are solid throughout and add to the disgusting nature of the film, from cutting frogs apart to the horribly realistic autopsy scene, there's scenes of silly splatter and some real stomach churners thrown in for good measure.

Overall there's not a lot of bad things I can say about Ebola Syndrome, if you want a sick cat 3 special then this wont disappoint. It's disgusting enough to be shocking, it's funny enough to add variance from the nasty stuff and its well paced enough so you won't get bored.


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