Review: Exorcist 2 – The Heretic


Well, where to begin on this one. Well... you know the Exorcist?... creepy, fucked up, genuinely scary no matter how many times you have seen it, and quite possibly one of the most bold movies of its generation. Yeah? Well this is nothing like it.

In the interest of consistency I would love to pull up a string of adjectives like above for the sequel but I really can't, one word actually repeats in my mind: Shit. Now sometimes that word is used rather gratuitously, thrown around from person to person to describe many things for which opinions differ, but in this case I state from both the perspective of subject and object, this movie is SHIT!

The story is a muddled mess which when described as a journey, feels like a lifetime trip through the desert; monotonous, featureless and exhausting. It does have Linda Blair in it which is about the only consistent thing from the first movie, who, now a little older, is having nightmares about the demon which once possessed her. Coincidently a priest is dispatched to investigate and calm tensions about the exorcism from the first movie. When the two meet they undergo some sort of new hypnosis through which the demons name, origins and intentions are revealed to the priest. With this information he makes it his duty to find a way of dispelling the evil from Regan for good.

What follows is a lot of talking, talking, travelling and talking. The script is amazingly boring. Much of the script is delivered rather frustratingly in visions and flashbacks which become so disjointed that at some points you really don't know what the point of them was. The acting is OK, but in reality none of the characters are particularly likeable, not even teenage Regan (Despite C continuously going on about the fact he would do her! Although he said the same thing when she was in her possessed state :s), and the priest seemed a little over intense; if the demon didn't get him his blood pressure probably would.

So through the run time we sit, listening to the babble which is oh so mystical, C don't know what the hell is going on any more, and I can't be arsed to explain it to him. We wait, we wait for what must be coming; the exorcism scene which is hinted to throughout the movie. They make their way back to the house where the first film was set, and then up the stairs...

here it comes, surely...

No, what follows lets you down so hard that you feel like the director himself took the time out to come round to your living room and slap every cheek on your body with his cock. Once more you let him...

There is a little scene, a couple of minutes at most which shows a possessed Regan superimposed over a normal Regan where the priest is battling the demon. Believe me it looks ridiculously dated and really was not at all worth the wait.

Overall as you can tell by my review I wasn't at all impressed with this sequel. It is not even that it fairs poorly in the shadow of the first movie; it just is a poor film. There is not a scene or sequence of events which is even worth watching. It genuinely feels like you sit there for 1 hour 50 minutes of nothing, nothing happening, no real story; pure padding. Avoid like dysentery.

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