Review: Feast


‘A group of people stuck in a rural bar struggling to survive the persistent attacks of a group of hungry, large toothed monsters’ describes the basic premise of this film. Simple in context and set for a fall? - The reviews of this film are mixed.

Personally, I fucking love it.

At its most basic level it’s a creature movie, reminiscent of such films as ‘Tremors’ and I suppose ‘Critters’, but rather than becoming a simple clone it’s the attention to detail which makes this film for me.

A careful selection of actors/and characters sees all of the people stuck in the environment having their own personality, all of which have their moments to shine. Often in movies of this genre many of the characters, especially those who are scripted to die early in the production, tend to be names with no depth of character, not the case with ‘Feast’. Each of the characters are given their own text based introduction offering the viewer several vital statistics such as ‘Life Expectancy’ and their names, which indecently are persona rather than names e.g. Hero, and Grandma, most of which are amusing and allow the dragged out opening 25 minute of character introduction to be skipped and allow us to get straight into the fray. I accept that character development is an important part of some films, but with creature movies, we just want to see the monster(s).

The monsters themselves are not really explained, early on in the film we see some very ‘shaky cam’ images of some outside the bar and most of the film sees intense attacks without lingering on the creatures seeing mostly just appendages reaching to grab their prey. Later in the film we see them more closely, but still difficult to describe, basically humanoid with big teeth. The monster effects are deliberately dodgy, obviously man in suit but done with some flare as the masks, puppets all look really cool and detailed. The monsters themselves are developed as characters in a way, you even get to see them have sex!

The film isn’t at all scary, some jumpy scenes I suppose, but for the most part it’s a proper step towards the comedy/gore side of the genre rather than actually taking itself serious with intense sequences of cheesy heroism and dramatic sacrifice. Nah nothing serious about this movie! The characters cough up some pretty amusing dialog and often there are often some little jokes made as if the characters know they are in a film such as "well it’s been a while since someone’s died a horrible death, think its about time?" (Or something like that) which were pretty effective, especially if like me, that’s exactly what you were thinking.


The blood, guts and gore are intense. The film is pretty much jam packed with decapitations, lacerations and gallons of blood and as the film obviously had a reasonable budget the effects are class; no camera cuts to avoid lingering on dodgy mannequin bodies! The first half an hour has a particularly large body count! And whilst the pace (from the killing aspect) drops a little in the middle it never gets boring, leading right up to the climax.

Overall if you are up for a bit of a laugh, with plenty of guts and gore involved then watch this film. I know comedy is a pretty subjective thing but I found it very funny. It’s true that the plot isn’t exactly amazing or original and there is little detail involving the origins of the creatures but who gives a shit really. It’s a good excuse for gore, and it delivers. I would make this a priority to track down and see.

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