Review: Fight For Your Life


Another of Blue Underground’s cannons, ‘Fight for your life’ is a notoriously racist movie, but what strikes the viewer is its indiscriminate use of discrimination attacking all races with equal hatred.

Rather surprisingly this movie actually has a plot! I half expected it to be about a group of white yobs kicking the shit out of black people however, whilst granted there is not that much more to it, FFYL follows a mixed race group of convicts (Jap, White and Columbian) as they spring from a prison van. Clearly not wishing to mend their ways the trio aim to reach Canada by causing as much death and destruction as they can. Ultimately they end up taking a family of Blacks hostage in their own home.

Let’s face it curiosity gets the better of you when you read about racist films. I don’t really see that racist remarks are a particular selling point of any movie, but when a film generates so much controversy I just want to see it. How bad can it be?

Well, I got to be honest the movie uses pretty much every racial term in excess and there are some pretty harsh parts where the black father is made to call the white convict his master but other than that the degradation is merely limited to racial slurs. It’s not to say I was disappointed, but considering the extremes of sexual degradation shown in some films I was a little surprised that this film wasn’t more degrading, however I think in general racism isn’t something to be stylised and this film probably goes far enough.

Aside from my curiosity I was hoping this film to offer some informed viewpoint on racist debate, sort of like ‘American History X’ however there is very little in the way of subjective undertone.

Overall, FFYL is a racial exploitation film which is simply just that, racist. Plenty of slurs and an overall revenge type ending but nothing particularly clever about it. If you are at all sensitive to racist issues then stay away because it’s thick with non ethical racial degradation, for everyone else, well its just exploitation with a little twist.

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