Review: Friday the 13th (2012)


With a long list of classics as its predecessors this film definitely had to be special to make it as a successful follow up. Especially for the diehard Friday the 13th fans.

The start is a little uninspiring and sees our usual group of sex hungry teens find their way in to the woods to hunt for a marijuana plant! A slightly new angle anyway. Obviously they stumble upon Camp Crystal Lake and the fun begins! For one lucky girl she is kept captive by Jason...for the rest not so lucky!

One thing which we all knew would be important in this film is the general atmosphere which should in theory follow on from the other films………at the end of the day the format of the Friday the 13th films was so successful why change it? Boobs, gory deaths and screaming teens with a little bit of tension thrown in there. Unfortunately for the first 45 minutes we don’t get much of either. We do get a few deaths but there just lacking………lacking gore, lacking imagination, just lacking! Although we do get to see one unfortunate stunner hanged above a fire in a sleeping bag! Nice! There are a couple of sets of boobs which heads in the right direction but as a whole for 45 minutes not a whole lot is going on. To be fair with a 105 minute run time I guess there needed to be padding, which is annoying because anything around the 80-90 area seems to be on the money!

The rest of the film follows a group of college goers who are staying at one of the jocks dads places out in the wilderness. Nice setting for some killing! As a side plot you have Jared Padelecki (known from his role in Supernatural mainly) playing Clay Miller who is searching for his sister, the girl that Jason kidnapped earlier. However everyone has written her off as dead! Jared ends up bumping in to the group and makes a friend who he then goes exploring with to help find his sister. They again stumble across Crystal Lake and it’s party time again!!! From here on in its fairly simple, Jason goes about dispatching all of the teens one by one, there’s more boobs thrown in and a pretty hot sex scene in there.

Without ruining the plot too much it’s all pretty standard stuff but the pace of the second half of the film and the 'classic' Friday The 13th feel chucked in there I wasn’t left feeling robbed or disappointed.

Overall this isn’t a ground breaking film and let’s be honest we were fooling ourselves if we thought that it would be. However in spite of what all of the IMDB bashers say about this film its actually pretty good. Yes there’s nothing new in here but following the hugely successful formula of boobs, helpless teens and gory murders I think the directors have done the best they could!

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